Chocolate Cookies Part 1- Feb. 12, 2009

I'm a bit of a romantic, I must say... And, since Valentine's day is coming up, I was obligated to make something sweet and heart shaped.

Enter... Everyday Food! (The Martha Stewart publication.) I was attracted to the cover, which proclaimed, "It's All Light!" I picked it up, and to my surprise, they weren't only cooking pale food. It was then that I began to realize that they meant low-cal, low-fat, etc.

I never said I was very bright.

I flipped through - there are some tasty sounding recipes, I'll agree. When I came to the back page, just before the back cover, they had the "Cookie Jar" page, with a photo of "Chocolate Sweet Hearts". Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... I flipped back a page to the recipe, and it said that each cookie had fewer than 50 calories, which appealed to my WW sensibility. And then I thought... Wouldn't it be adorable to make mini cookies? The recipe called for a 2 inch cookie cutter; what if I used a 1 inch? How cute would that be?!

The recipe is simple enough, and uses both chocolate and cocoa, so a double dose of chocolate.

The only downside to the recipe, so far...

Have you ever tried to roll cookie dough on parchment paper? It's a wee bit slidy!!! I ended up with my belly pressed against the counter, holding the flap of parchment paper down, trying to get the dough rolled out. It didn't help that the dough was a bit crumbly, and liked to crack apart.

As I'm writing this, the dough is resting in the oven, waiting to be cut into hearts and baked. Check back, and I'll tell you how they taste!!

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