I am a ball of excitement! - Feb. 24, 2009

Today in the mail, I got my bathing suit! I actually got it!! And I tried it on, and it actually works!! Granted, if I was a bit smaller in the upper tummy area, it might stop creeping up, but other than that... The bottom fits, the boobs fit!! And honestly, it's a bit low cut, in a good way!

So tonight, I called a friend of mine, whom I'd seen on Valentine's day (in the liquor store, lol!), and we talked about maybe going swimming. I told her I'd order a bathing suit, and call her up when I got it, and we'd make plans.

So this evening, I called her and we made plans to go swimming on sunday!!

Also, she invited me to go to the movies with her and some other people on thursday, which is equally exciting to me... I was thinking, just earlier today, that I wish I had friends I could get together and do things with... I have a couple of friends here, but I spend a lot of my time holed up at home... I miss my friends down south, so much...

I am filled to glowing with excitement right now!




Me said...

Yay!!! Swimming is awesome

Amber - on a human journey said...

You. Are. So. Cute. I'm happy your bathing suit "works"! Hee hee. For some reason I have a mental picture of a bathing suit carrying a briefcase, wearing a top hat and drinking a venti coffee whilst standing in an elevator headed to the 14th floor. Stop it mind, stop it now!

Chantel said...

You know people who wear top hats, Amber?!