No recipes today, really... Feb. 09, 2009

I have to say, it's nice to make recipes with extra portions. Most of the time, you can turn that into delicious, delicious leftovers! But, on the off chance that a friend invites himself over to your house for supper (to be fair, he did offer to bring pizza, but take out really isn't that WI friendly if you're not planning for it), you can use the extra portion to feed your guests.

Tonight, I really didn't cook anything to a recipe... We had pan fried salmon (medium high heat, don't be afraid!), wild rice (chicken stock, water, thyme, cayenne), salad & asparagus.

The salmon was delicious. I actually started out with frozen salmon, as that's what we had... I was convinced that it wouldn't be as nice as fresh. Because really, frozen food! The sear wasn't as dark and crispy as fresh salmon, but otherwise, the flavor was just as nice. It wasn't as meaty a salmon, but still tasted lovely with just a little salt, pepper, and olive oil for searing.

Wild rice is probably my new favorite grain... It's nutty and chewy and satisfying. The only downside is that it takes approximately forever to cook... Fortunately, I had frozen salmon to defrost!

The only thing I was really disappointed with was the asparagus... I'd never done frozen asparagus before, and I cooked it the way suggested on the package, microwaving it in the bag. The flavor was alright, but those were the LIMPEST, soggiest asparagus I'd ever seen! The poor things were bent and wet, and falling apart. Instead of cutting them, we all ended up just folding them in half...

The great thing about meal planning is that you really do end up being able to entertain more easily. You know what you have on hand, you know what you're planning to make... At worst, you end up having to pop out for a bit of extra meat or veggies, but it's pretty well as quick to cook for 6 as for 2.

There's something about eating salmon that always makes me feel healthy... Maybe it's just the perceived "health glow" associated with the omega-3 fatty acids and all that jazz, but I never feel like I've stuffed myself, and I always feel like somehow I've done something good for me. And now that I know how to cook it, it actually tastes as good as it leaves me feeling!

Tomorrow, the hubbins cooks! Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it goes! (If you don't hear from me, call 911!)

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