Smoked Salmon Pizza - Feb. 05, 2009

Today, the recipe du jours was the Smoked Salmon Pizza, from the WW online recipe bank. I have to say, this recipe was as quick as it was delicious, which is to say that it was both very fast, and VERY tasty. (Wait, does that emphasis mean that I should have said that it was slightly more delicious than it was quick? Oh well...)

I did make a couple of adjustments; I had to recalculate for the pizza crust I was able to find where I shop for groceries, which upped the points by a few, and we ended up using less salmon than the recipe called for, so a couple points less for that. (The salmon issue was a fluke... I thought the package I bought was more than enough! Crazy American measurement systems!)

Also, I omitted the capers, as they're a food that neither DH nor I find anything more than just vaguely creepy.

This pizza turned out looking and tasting like something you'd find in a restaurant! It was creamy and smoky and fresh and really, really luscious. It was simple enough that even the most beginner of beginner chefs could easily master this recipe. I think that this is a situation to splurge for nice, lox style smoked salmon, because it really is the star of this show, and that way, you don't end up with everything coloured the odd red colour of regular, bulk smoked salmon.

The only downside I found was that there wasn't a lot of freshness to counterbalance the salty-smokiness of the smoked salmon. I think next time, a little more green might help with that. (And there will DEFINITELY be a next time!)

This is a recipe, however, that is a bit low on the veggie quotient, so I added a nice big side salad, topped off with bell pepper and Kraft Olive Oil Balsamic dressing, and some really nice sugar-snap peas.

For dessert? (Though I have previously been a sugar fiend, I'm trying to cut down, so dessert is not an often event.)

WW Corn Spoonbread, again from the online recipe bank, topped off with some real maple syrup. (More to come later.)

I love healthy food that doesn't taste like "diet" food, and the Smoked Salmon Pizza definitely qualified in that regard!

My rating:

Ease of Preparation: 5/5
Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 4.5/5

Hubby's rating: Delectable, now let me get back to sleep! (4.5/5)

(Yes, yes, in the future I will try and take pictures. I haven't been able to find my camera battery charger, and it's deader than dead.)

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