Walked today! - Feb 18, 2008

I think we all know by now that I have never been an active person. I watch a lot of TV; I'm on the internet more than most. I enjoy things that can be done while sitting down, staying still.

But lately, I've been feeling more of an urge to, well... Get up! 100 lbs ago, 200 lbs ago, I had absolutely no desire to get my butt in gear. And just recently, I've been feeling like moving. I have energy. I feel WONDERFUL!! Maybe it's the eating well, maybe it's the anti-depressants, I don't know.

All I know is that this is the first time I can really remember feeling wholly and truly alive.

So this evening, hubbins and I went to the rec centre to walk. I was hoping to do a half hour, but I ended up doing 20 minutes, but I did 20 minutes of power walking. I know for a lot of people, 20 minutes is not much, but if you calculate it out for me, I burned 150 calories. That actually covered the bowl of bean-thread noodles w/ Thai Chili sauce and plum sauce I had when I got home. (I used my Daily Points... I'm also having grapes, and I'll still be 1.5 pts short today.)

I could've walked longer, but my hands were really uncomfortable. I think it has to do with the blood going to my hands, and me not being used to it.

Anywho, I did 6 laps. 6 laps x 215m per lap = 1.29 km!!!

Here is me after the walk. Notice the band on my wrist? That is the rec centre band. :D

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Amber - on a human journey said...

You are sooo perty! I think I've told you before, but you have amazing skin tone, and that picture of you after walking is so glowy. I almost cried reading through your entries today, especially the part about you feeling truly alive. Does my heart good and I'm so grateful that this is happening for you...for real!

I started a blog a while ago too for a few friends of mine down here and myself trying to lose the poundage and live in a way that is vibrant, healthy, beautiful, etc.

Here's the link if ever you want to peruse our musings.