I didn't know I could move! - March 2nd, 2009

Yesterday, I had an 'exercising' day... I had committed to go swimming with a friend Sunday evening, and had committed to a walk on Sunday morning, so I knew I'd be doing lots of moving!

Hubbins and I went walking early in the afternoon (weekend morning?! What's that?), and, while I normally take the elevator up, I opted to walk up the stairs this time. And then part way through the second lap, there was a pretty decently paced song playing on the speakers, and it made me feel like speeding up... I was already walking at a pretty decent pace, so before I knew it, I was jogging! Actually JOGGING! Granted, I could only do a quarter lap, but it was something I didn't think I could physically do!!

After the extra bits of exercise I'd gotten, I only ended up walking for 5 laps, but that was okay. I'm really proud of myself!

As Sunday evening got nearer and nearer, I got more and more nervous... I hadn't been swimming for nearly a decade, and I wondered (feared) if I'd make an idiot of myself... I had been quite a bit lighter the last time as well... Also, going out in a BATHING SUIT?! Was I crazy?!

But once I got in the water, I remembered how much I loved it! Madeleine and I did a 50 minute Aquafit class, which was GREAT fun, and a pretty decent workout... I actually found myself sweating a couple of times! Then afterwards, we kept swimming... I still remembered how to do the strokes, but I felt it a LOT. I could do one pool length, and that knocked me out. Still, I managed to do a few laps. When I wasn't actively swimming, I kept myself moving!

I've committed to 2 swims per week: Wednesdays for Aquajogging, and Sundays for Aquafit.

I can hardly wait!

(BTW, WI today! Stay Tuned!)


The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

have i mentioned lately how incredibley awesome you are?

Amber - on a human journey said...

Freaking awesome!!!

Chantel said...

*^.^* You guys are so sweet!