Magic Mirror on the Wall... April 30, 2009

Who's the fairest of them all?

Hee hee...

It's funny, the things that make some people feel good!

Where I work, I often have to go into a couple of safes, to retrieve documents. Well, by one of the safes (which is in a closet), there is a full length mirror, hung at just the perfect height to see yourself fully.

One day, as I was finishing up in there, I discovered something WONDERFUL!!

If you stand in front of the mirror, facing sideways, and close on of the closet doors, suddenly, you're half your size! My goodness, I never knew I was so skinny!

And so now, that is my "Magic Mirror"... If ever I need a chuckle, or a little boost, I can go in there and look at myself all slimmed down!


Healthy Choices - April 29, 2009

In the vein of making healthier choices in our lives, my hubbins and I have decided that we need to get rid of our cable TV... We watch WAY too much TV, and then we forget to do the other things that need to get done. Also, we keep talking about eating at the table together, but then while one of us is cooking, the other one is generally watching TV, and then when the food is ready, it generally just ends up getting served infront of the one-eyed monster.

The cable isn't officially getting turned off until tomorrow, but yesterday, we decided that our TV-Freedom would start, so when we got home from work, we chose to not turn on the TV. I will admit that there was some, "What am I supposed to do?!" going on!

But, because the weather was SO lovely yesterday, supper was served outside on the patio! It was really wonderful, sitting there with the fresh air, and the sunlight filtering through the trees... (Before you get this idea that we live in the forest or something, there is a small stand of trees going down our little block, between the properties. The sun only filters through the trees for a couple of hours every evening... Much less romantic than it sounds.) It's very strange to have temperatures above 20 degrees, and still have snow on the ground, but hopefully, it'll be gone soon.

My list of things to do OTHER than watch TV:

-Go online (first because I'm realistic. Not much healthier, but still viable)
-Play with the cat
-Practice Yoga
-Plan out beadwork classes (did I mention I'm hoping to start teaching again?)
-Paint the guest bedroom (I'm not going to submit my guests to builder beige ANY more!)

Any other ideas, folks?


Brave?! - April 27, 2009

Am I brave?

I've never thought of myself as BRAVE before...

I made a post on the 200+ board, on WW, about bicycling... I would LOVE to start bicycling, but I don't know if maybe I'm just too heavy to do it. It's not so much about me, physically, but simply about fitting on the bicycle...

One of the (lovely, wonderful) ladies on the board said that she did wouldn't bike until she was under 200 lbs, but that I was a lot braver than her...

Brave?! Really?!

That's one word I would never have used to describe myself...

I don't FEEL brave... I just feel ready!

I've been proving to myself that I can do more than I think I can do. Swimming, Yoga, Walking further and further... But I don't feel brave!

What does brave feel like?


What a day! - April 25, 2009

Well, today I took a day off from being OP. This was my first time going off plan in nearly 15 weeks... I just... I've needed a day off.

I went way over my points... Not by a full day's worth of points, but I wasn't that far under... I used all my FP (I didn't have that many left), and all of the AP I'd already earned this week...

We had chinese food for supper, and really amazing chocolate cake from the chocolate claim... Granted, I had less chinese food than I would have previously had, which I was happy about...

But then, I needed to do something for myself... Something to make myself feel healthier...

While hubbins and I were waiting for the chinese food, we went for a stroll... A nice, 20 minute, meander. Of course, for me, a stroll is still a fair workout...

But that wasn't enough. Tonight, I decided that I wanted to go for a walk. A serious walk. I wanted to push myself, see how far my body could take me. I decided to do a walk that I hadn't thought I'd do until I was quite a bit lighter...

70 minutes, and more than 5.5km later, I did it. I finished the walk. I made it both downhill AND up. I walked to my parents' house, from my house... And THEN I walked back, after a quick stop for water, and socks.

I felt AMAZING! I FEEL Amazing!!! My feet hurt, my arms hurt (did I mention I pumped my arms most of the way?), my lungs are mucusy...

But today...

Regardless of what I ate or didn't eat...

I inspired MYSELF today.


Blisters >.< - April 23rd, 2009

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVEE!!! Finally, you've caught up to me!

Secondly, I walked for 40 minutes today, on my lunch, briskly! I did, according to google maps, 3.14km!! I can hardly believe that number! I haven't walked that far in a very long time!!

The only downside was that I was walking in my cute work shoes, sock-free. So now, I have a blister on my left foot, which might make for some not-quite-so-fun yoga tonight, but it's a mark of pride!


Yay yay yay yay yay!! - April 22, 2009

Firstly - I'm wearing a PURPLE bra!!! Plum purple!! Not beige!! Not pukey skin coloured!


Secondly - Response to writs coming back... And one came through for us!!! This has been going on since AUGUST!!!

What a FANTASTIC evening!!

Ahh, cravings... April 22, 2009

Would it be so wrong of me to spend a day eating only chocolate? I have been having SUCH chocolate cravings lately! I know I should be strong, and resist, or have just a little bit, but honestly...

Maybe if I spent a day having chocolate fondue? :D I'd have it with fruit, so that way, I'm getting SOME nutrients! And then I could just nibble and nibble and nibble... *sigh*


Lighting - WIN! April 20th, 2009.

Chantel said, "Let there be lighting!"

And there was lighting.

And she saw that it was good.

Then Chantel said, "Let there be a mirror above the dresser!"

And there was a mirror above the dresser.

And she saw that it was good, and fairly close to level!

And when she looked around, and saw all that she had done...

She blogged about it!


Weigh-In, April 20th, 2009

So, I was down another 3.8 lbs this week, bringing my total to 58.2 lbs lost so far!!

I know this might be an odd this to say, but I'm starting to get concerned that I'm losing weight too quickly. I know that I should be excited, and I AM very excited, but... I lost 14.2 lbs over the last 3 weeks! That seems awfully quick to me...

Maybe it's just the little WW pop-up... My doctor seems more ecstatic than concerned... Maybe if I'm still losing like this at the 100 lbs down mark, I'll talk to him again about this.

I'm losing weight at about 2x my goal rate of loss... We're about 30% of the year, so I'd hoped to be at about 30 lbs lost... And here I am at 58.2% of my goal.

I'm such a worry-wart!


Apparently, one of the perils of weight loss is being more succeptable to cold! I'm practically shivering here at work!!


Lighting Arghness... April somethingith, 2009

Okay, so we painted the bedroom, and it's beautiful.

And we bought a new lighting fixture, and it's beautiful.

And we installed said new lighting fixture...

And it won't freakin' work!

I know I've done it the right way, darnit!


Update: Yeah, the light is broken. We checked, and there were volts going in, but none coming out. Decide we'd prefer a different style anyway. Will be returning said fixture.


Tribute to the other folks - Apr. 17, 2009

You know, I was thinking today about all the other people in my life - the wonderful, supportive people that make me able to make all the changes I've made.

Chris, my hubbins, who is the MOST amazing man I've ever met. You know me best, and you love me anyway. ♥♥♥ I know how frustrating it's been for you, having so few snacks in the house, and I appreciate your support. To quote Alton Brown, "Your Patience WILL be rewarded!"

Tam-I-Am, the lady downstairs... You always know just what to say to cheer me up! And you are such an inspiration, the way you've leapt headfirst into getting all health-ed up!

Amber, the lady down south! Every time we chat/e-mail, it's such food for my soul. Sometimes, I feel disconnected from my spiritual side, and you pull me right back. You have such a beautiful soul, my dear!

The wonderful peebles on the 200+ board, from WW... What would I do without you guys?! There aren't many people (Although it's a growing number, tee hee) who know what it's like to be so big. It's a totally different experience, I think, and it's so incredibly uplifting to be able to share the experience with a bunch of people whose spirits are by far bigger than their starting weight.

My lovely coworkers: Thank you for your support, and not forcing me to eat the cakes. Much appreciated.

Did I forget anyone? The peebles out there in blogland? My yoga instructor? My dr?

Anywho... Thank you, all!


Coping Skills: Fail - April 16, 2009

I just cannot deal today.

I feel like crap, physically, because I'm sick, and it has drained ALL my energy, leaving me with nothing left to cope with passive-agressive coworker. She seems to be a very nice person to everyone but me (others have noticed), but she doesn't like me, and she doesn't even PRETEND to respect me.

I've cried twice today so far, and me and my mint aero don't think we've seen the last of the waterworks...

I think I'm still going to try do Yoga tonight, because I think it'll make me feel good, and then tomorrow is jeans day at work!

Speaking of pants, I've turned in to the saggy, baggy elephant - These pants can now cover my shoes!!

Oh peebles... I hope I feel better soon, so I can feel stronger again soon...


Edumacation - April 13, 2009

Well then!

I just signed up for a class through TRU!

Granted, it's grade 11 equivalency math, but I know that before I go into calculus, I'm going to need a LOT of refresher, but I'm so excited that I'm getting it started!!!

Yay me!

Weigh-In, April 13, 2009

GOODBYE 400'S!!!

Today's weigh-in was 396.6 lbs, putting me at 54.4 lbs lost so far!

I rock! (And that's my nice thing for the day!!!)


Nice thing for the day - April 12, 2009

I will be proud of myself whether the placement test says I should redo grade 10 math or if it says I could go into first year, or anywhere in between.

Before I lose my nerve...

But ONE picture

My husband made me a surprise easter cake ^.^

And it is DELICIOUS!!

He went through a lot of recipes, and found a points friendly one, and points friendly icing...

My hubbins is amazing!!


I can't do it yet.



Happy Post - April 11, 2009

I missed posting yesterday, so I need to say two nice things about myself today!!

- Yesterday, I shared my mini eggs, even though I didn't really need to, and even though mini eggs are only available for easter, and are in short supply in town.

- Today, I felt like an Amazon Warrior when I was shovelling. I did 65 minutes (more than an hour, man!) of shoveling knee-deep snow! I was freakin' AMAZING! ^.^

As for the whole picture thing, I have in fact taken a picture, or had a picture taken of me. I need to get them on the lappy, but then I will post, and you will see Meeeee!

And I won't cry when I post them, because I love myself, and I will learn to not hate pictures of myself.


Saying something nice - April 9, 2009

April 9th, 2009 - I haven't given in to the pop temptation in 12 1/2 weeks!


All you peebles in blog land...

(x-posted to WW canada 200+ board)

Alright, I know a lot of us are not so keen on having pictures of us taken, or taking pictures of ourselves...

So what about if we did a challenge where, every day for a week, or a month, or something, we took a picture of ourselves, or had someone take our picture. Whether we're in our nightgown all day, or all dolled up...

I think it could be a good self-esteem building exercise..

Any thoughts?

If you can't say anything nice... April 8, 2009

Several people from the 200+ board (Which is a fabulous place to be: some of the MOST supportive people I've ever met (online)) are making the commitment to put down one nice thing about themselves, every day. So today, I've decided to get that started for myself too!!

April 8th: I look FABULOUS in my new shirt!!


PS - April 7, 2009

My parents just came back from Vancouver today, and my mom brought back with her..........

Arby's meat!!

So I shall supply the buns, and we shall have arbys-esk burgers!!

She even brought Arby's sauce and Horsey sauce!!!

We're so darn deprived up here! :p

To eat or not to eat? That is the Stress-tion! - Apr. 07, 2009

As I'm writing this, i'm sitting here eating mini-eggs. Only a half serving, mind you, but still... Should I be eating them? Should I have given in and had half-and-half in my tea this morning?

Ah, probably not.

Did I enjoy them? (Am I enjoying them?)

Darn right!!

Now, I do know by now that I shouldn't be eating to make myself feel better... I shouldn't be eating down the stress that's making my head ache and my stomach get all stabby... But I'm not OVEReating, I'm fully conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth, and I'm having it in small quantities, totally reasonable amounts.

I feel no guilt or shame for eating what I've eaten. I think that's pretty wonderful, darnit!


2 Major Milestones - April 6th, 2009

12 weeks down. It's hard to believe it's already been 12 weeks; this has gone by so quickly!!

I reached a goal of mine this morning, which was to be able to weigh myself at home! Up to this point, I've had to weigh in at the hospital shipping scale... You get used to it, but the first couple of times, it's pretty embarassing having to weigh in with the cargo, right?

But I also reached another couple of milestones today:

I reached my first 10% (meaning I've now lost more than 10% of my initial body weight).

Also, I've lost 50.5 lbs total, so I've passed the 50 lb mark!!!

So I'm now at5 400.5 lbs, and my BMI has dropped from 69 to 61! I'm hoping to lose at least .6 lb this coming week, so that I can say goodbye to the 400's, forever!!!