Coping Skills: Fail - April 16, 2009

I just cannot deal today.

I feel like crap, physically, because I'm sick, and it has drained ALL my energy, leaving me with nothing left to cope with passive-agressive coworker. She seems to be a very nice person to everyone but me (others have noticed), but she doesn't like me, and she doesn't even PRETEND to respect me.

I've cried twice today so far, and me and my mint aero don't think we've seen the last of the waterworks...

I think I'm still going to try do Yoga tonight, because I think it'll make me feel good, and then tomorrow is jeans day at work!

Speaking of pants, I've turned in to the saggy, baggy elephant - These pants can now cover my shoes!!

Oh peebles... I hope I feel better soon, so I can feel stronger again soon...

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cdblueberry said...

Sending you a big hug from across the country! I hope you start to feel better and those icky tonsils calm down.

PA people, in my experience you have two choice.
1) either out PA them which is fun for a little while but becomes draining over time.

2) Do what they fear most, ask her why she has a problem with you? Neither of you might like the response but at least it gets it out in the open.

Ha! Do not even get me started on clothes :)
Although pants are not too bad for me, try the petite length low rise cut, it will help prevent the bagginess as you outshrink them.