Healthy Choices - April 29, 2009

In the vein of making healthier choices in our lives, my hubbins and I have decided that we need to get rid of our cable TV... We watch WAY too much TV, and then we forget to do the other things that need to get done. Also, we keep talking about eating at the table together, but then while one of us is cooking, the other one is generally watching TV, and then when the food is ready, it generally just ends up getting served infront of the one-eyed monster.

The cable isn't officially getting turned off until tomorrow, but yesterday, we decided that our TV-Freedom would start, so when we got home from work, we chose to not turn on the TV. I will admit that there was some, "What am I supposed to do?!" going on!

But, because the weather was SO lovely yesterday, supper was served outside on the patio! It was really wonderful, sitting there with the fresh air, and the sunlight filtering through the trees... (Before you get this idea that we live in the forest or something, there is a small stand of trees going down our little block, between the properties. The sun only filters through the trees for a couple of hours every evening... Much less romantic than it sounds.) It's very strange to have temperatures above 20 degrees, and still have snow on the ground, but hopefully, it'll be gone soon.

My list of things to do OTHER than watch TV:

-Go online (first because I'm realistic. Not much healthier, but still viable)
-Play with the cat
-Practice Yoga
-Plan out beadwork classes (did I mention I'm hoping to start teaching again?)
-Paint the guest bedroom (I'm not going to submit my guests to builder beige ANY more!)

Any other ideas, folks?

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cdblueberry said...

Cutting the cable was one of the best things I've ever done!

Sure, I do miss it sometimes but for the most part no. I find I'm more likely to go out and about or even just phone a friend. I also read a lot more!

lol, and guess what I'm doing the weekend. Painting:)