Magic Mirror on the Wall... April 30, 2009

Who's the fairest of them all?

Hee hee...

It's funny, the things that make some people feel good!

Where I work, I often have to go into a couple of safes, to retrieve documents. Well, by one of the safes (which is in a closet), there is a full length mirror, hung at just the perfect height to see yourself fully.

One day, as I was finishing up in there, I discovered something WONDERFUL!!

If you stand in front of the mirror, facing sideways, and close on of the closet doors, suddenly, you're half your size! My goodness, I never knew I was so skinny!

And so now, that is my "Magic Mirror"... If ever I need a chuckle, or a little boost, I can go in there and look at myself all slimmed down!

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