To eat or not to eat? That is the Stress-tion! - Apr. 07, 2009

As I'm writing this, i'm sitting here eating mini-eggs. Only a half serving, mind you, but still... Should I be eating them? Should I have given in and had half-and-half in my tea this morning?

Ah, probably not.

Did I enjoy them? (Am I enjoying them?)

Darn right!!

Now, I do know by now that I shouldn't be eating to make myself feel better... I shouldn't be eating down the stress that's making my head ache and my stomach get all stabby... But I'm not OVEReating, I'm fully conscious of what I'm putting in my mouth, and I'm having it in small quantities, totally reasonable amounts.

I feel no guilt or shame for eating what I've eaten. I think that's pretty wonderful, darnit!

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