Weigh-In, April 20th, 2009

So, I was down another 3.8 lbs this week, bringing my total to 58.2 lbs lost so far!!

I know this might be an odd this to say, but I'm starting to get concerned that I'm losing weight too quickly. I know that I should be excited, and I AM very excited, but... I lost 14.2 lbs over the last 3 weeks! That seems awfully quick to me...

Maybe it's just the little WW pop-up... My doctor seems more ecstatic than concerned... Maybe if I'm still losing like this at the 100 lbs down mark, I'll talk to him again about this.

I'm losing weight at about 2x my goal rate of loss... We're about 30% of the year, so I'd hoped to be at about 30 lbs lost... And here I am at 58.2% of my goal.

I'm such a worry-wart!


Apparently, one of the perils of weight loss is being more succeptable to cold! I'm practically shivering here at work!!


cdblueberry said...

Yay!!!! Congrats!!!

The "average" safe weight loss is 2lbs a week, but I think when we have more to lose, we can lose more safely. Does that make any sense?

Now, if you were losing almost 15lbs a week like they do on t.v., there may be a problem!

Chantel said...

I know I'm just being a worry-wart, Blue... I've just never lost this much weight before, and all of this is so new to me... I've lost more than I'd even HOPED for (other than in those secret, magic wand dreams), and I guess sometimes, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

syl said...
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syl said...

you are doing fantastic, if you doctor is not concerned you shouldn't be either. Take it for what it is you are doing a great job.
congrats on another great weigh in!

trev said...

Just echoing what's already been said, but I think there's nothing to worry about. As long as you're staying on plan, eating right, and throwing some activity in, I'd say you're a complete success!

Keep it up!