Compassionate Eating ~May 29, 2009

One thing that I know needs to be a part of every diet plan is compassion for yourself, and so today, I have decided that I'm not going to worry about being OP tonight.

This will be only the 2nd day in nearly 21 weeks that I have given myself license to take this off my plate. I will track everything I put in my mouth; I'm not letting that go!

I am just too sad, and too tired, and in too much pain, and I need to take something off my plate.

I'm looking forward to my pedicure tonight... This will be the first one ever for me!! I feel sorry for the pedicurist, because I have not nice feet. I'm calloused, and cracked, and dry... We're getting full, 1 1/2 hr pedicures, my mom and I, and I'm also getting my eyebrows waxed, because they need it. Lord, do they need it!

I've sent an e-mail off to one of my therapists, because I think I could stand a session or two of therapy to help me with this, because I'm feeling... lost. I don't even really want to write my way through it...

I'm kind of amazed with how much I've been blogging the last few months! I was never a journaller; I loved the idea, and I bought loads of little notebooks that then got filled with doodles. But the blogging has been really cathartic, and I think that having people actually COMMENT, actually READ what I'm writing, while not only an amazing miracle (hee hee), also makes me want to keep writing.

I'm generally a pretty open book, but what's the point in having a book sit open with noone to read it?

Fine... Other than collecting dust! :p


Syl said...

I hope you enjoy every moment of your pampering with your mom, you deserve it.

Tamara said...

Glad you're enjoying blogging because I'm really enjoying reading.... hope the pedicure was A-MAZING. You'll be shocked how soft your tootsies feel.

Hand in there Chantel.