Domestic Bliss ~May 13, 2009

Today was one of those days where it was just SO good to come home...

It seems like I spent most of the day either angry or headachy, or both! I started the day with a headache that seemed to remain untouched by painkillers, which is always a good way to begin the work day. Follow that with a VERY unpleasant incident at work with a coworker, and I just really wanted to get out of there.

Tonight's menu was supposed to be Pizza, and hubbins wanted to make homemade dough with the breadmaker we've borrowed from my parents. When he discovered that the pizza wouldn't actually be ready until 10pm, we needed to make other plans. (Good thing, too, as he discovered he'd forgotten to add the yeast to the dough! Mmm, pizza crackers!)

So, while hubbins looked up fishing online, I made supper, and it was just a really great, domestic-feeling time for me...

Firstly, I was wearing slippers! Can anyone NOT feel cozy and domestic while wearing slippers? I suppose if they were those high-heeled, maribou covered 'slippers'... But I digress. There is something about wearing slippers that is innately comforting.

And then, I was standing at the kitchen counter, taking the ends off asparagus, while the bread machine whirred to one side of me, the salmon marinated to the other side of me, and on the stove, the rice simmered nicely, and I thought, "This, I can do." I felt so warm inside, cooking a nice meal for my husband and myself.

I think maybe it was something about the peacefulness of the kitchen, and the quiet of the house since we got rid of cable. I felt emotionally full, in a really good way, knowing that I was providing something good and satisfying, something that would make us both healthier.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that what you're offering is enough.

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Amber - on a human journey said...

Almost cried reading this. I know that feeling...it's so fulfilling, so safe. You are a such a wonderful wife and beautiful, classic woman. Chris is a blessed man!