Fishing = Not Evil ~May the somethingth

Good evening, Blog-O-Sphere! I'm back, and I smell like campfire!

Or, at least, wet smoky wood... Heh!

Last night and this morning were such a great time! My parents own a motorhome, so when the weather starts getting good, out they go! Lucky for Hubbins and me, the sofa in the motorhome futons out to become a bed just a bit smaller than a double, which means they have room for a lovely pair of guests... :D

This weekend, they're out at Fox Lake Campground, which is about 45 minutes from town, on (surprise surprise) Fox Lake. Hubbins and I decided to join them last night, so we set out after work, towing along Chris's newly purchased fishing setup!

Ooh, and I took one of my older (larger) pairs of jeans, that I put through the dryer (deliberately) and turned them into cut-off capris! They're very cute, and I really enjoyed wearing them, until I discovered that last night ended up rainy and chilly...

All the wood at that darn campground was wet through! Poor Chris tried his hardest to get a campfire going, both last night and this morning, but after hours of effort, smoking coals was about all we could come up with. I think we managed to toast about 8 marshmallows between the 4 of us, and at the very end, when I was trying to roast just a COUPLE more, I ended up with, well, slightly lukewarm marshmallows.

Other than the fire situation, it was a lot of fun! This morning, Chris and I took his fishing rod, and lures and such, down to the shore, to cast on the non-iced part of the lake. Neither of us has really done a lot of fishing (little to none, actually), so it was a fun learning experience. Neither of us caught anything, but I think the water really was too shallow for that anyway. We didn't do a bad job of the casting and the reeling in, and we did manage to clean the lakebed of quite a bit of organic matter!

There's even a picture of me floating on my phone of me catching QUITE the stick! I don't know that I'll be uploading it, because frankly, I looked TERRIBLE (fuzzy, unbrushed hair, mainly), but you never know. I might be convinced!

Suffice to say, we'll be heading to the fishing shop on Monday to buy me my own rod.

I am (pardon the pun) hooked.


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