Is it really so amazing...? - May 7, 2009

Last night, I went for a walk... And not just a stroll.

65 minutes of pulse-racing, sweat inducing, POWER walking.

But... Is that really so amazing? I mean, granted, if someone normal sized power-walked for more than an hour while carrying a fridge, it'd be pretty note-worthy, but sometimes, people "attaboy"ing me makes me feel, well, a bit like a freak.

On the route I walked yesterday, I went past a coworker's house... As I was walking by (wearing headphones, blasting music) suddenly I hear, "CHANTEL!!"

I turn around to see my coworker on her deck, and she's asking me questions, telling me how great I'm doing, how I'm keeping a really good pace...

If I weighed 200 lbs, would people give me all these pats on the back?

I like encouragement, and acknowledgement, like anyone! But I'm really starting to think that enough is enough... I just kind of want to get on with the business of being a regular person losing weight, and not some kind of office mascot...


cdblueberry said...

One last comment before I unplug :O)

I could have written that post.

I walked around the lake the other week, when I came back one of the older ladies literally applauded me for "having the courage to walk." I was like, um, I have walked almost every day for the past 14 years. Just because I'm big doesn't mean I can't move.

I also love surprising the newbies in the pool when I kick their behinds in the laps :)

Keep the blogs and 200+ board warm for me :)

Me said...

Oh I so identify with "office mascot"!