Quality of Life = Win! ~May 20, 2009

The only reason I know what day of the month it is, is because it's a work day. Weekends, especially long ones, I lose all sense of linear time!

At lunch today, Hubbins and I went and sat in the car, over by the SS Klondike. For those of you not in Whitehorse, it's an old paddlewheeler that's been set up for tours, and the boat and parking lot are just up from the river, making for a relaxing setting to sit. We were munching our sandwiches and apples, relaxing in the sun, listening to soothing music (Amber, by 311. Island in the sun, Weezer), and I looked over and saw, in a car nearby, a young couple sitting and eating fast food...

Now, I have no problem with fast food. I think that sometimes, it serves a useful purpose. And obviously, I didn't get to 451 lbs by eating carrot sticks!

(Side note: Can you imagine how orange I'd be if I'd eaten enough carrot calories to get me to 451 lbs?! I'd be a friggin oompa loompa!!!)

But seeing this couple brought back memories for me of a time, NOT long ago, of a time when Chris and I ate almost exclusively fast food. We'd eat Tim Horton's for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, and then fast food, or maybe pizza or chinese food, or, on rare occasions, high-fat homemade suppers. There's nothing quite like a diet like that to put you on the right track, eh?

And as we got deeper into that, it became harder and harder for me to break out of it. I didn't make the TIME to cook, or prepare food for meals. I didn't have the ENERGY. And frankly, I was getting too fat to stand for extended periods of time, because everything hurt, all the time.

I think that one really important step that Chris and I took before we started weight watchers was, in order to cut our food costs (OUT of control!! We were eating like a family of 6!) we'd start eating breakfast in, and packing lunches for work... We were still eating plenty of fast food for suppers, but not to the extent that we had been. I think I may have actually lost some weight in this period, because my body did change a bit, but I didn't weigh myself. However, I feel like that really set us up in the right direction for Weight Watchers, seeing fast food as a luxury and not as an every-day meal, as well as learning to make the time for cooking and food prep, and meal planning.

My quality of life is DRAMATICALLY better now, even than it was when I was first (and second) this weight. I want to get out and live, now!! I don't sit at home, day after day, and mope!

-I walk. I don't waddle.
-I can power-walk, and even do a little jogging!
-I swim.
-I do yoga.
-I can do some light hiking.
-I enjoy laying in the sun.
-Camping? Sounds good!
-Tank-tops? Bring-em-on!
-Capris are my friends!
-Exclamation marks a'plenty!!!
-Chuggin' da water, not da cola!
-Broccoli is NOT a dirty word.
-I respect myself.
-I love myself.
-"Marital Relations" are much improved.
-Ice cream is not a necessary part of daily survival.

-I inspire ME!


syl said...

what a great post Chantel, you are such a positive person

Chantel said...

Ah, Syl... Part of that is the carefully balanced medications. :D

But thank you... I try to believe in the best in life.

Shelley said...

Just wondering how Jack is doing and what happened with him (are you keeping him?). I think it's wonderful that you brought him home, you probably saved his life. I can't believe people can do such horrible things but sadly we see it every day. Hopefully you have a new best friend from this and will be happy with him for a long, long time.

Chantel said...

Shelley, Jack is doing really well... He seems really happy! We'll be keeping him if he doesn't already have owners, and we haven't heard anything so far...

There are SO many options other than abandoning a pet!! I can't imagine why anyone would just drop a dog on the side of the road!

Shelley said...

Hi Chantel, I think you have your answer. It sounds like Jack did have owners who abandoned him so I think you have him for the long haul. I couldn't imagine leaving a pet behind either, any more than I could imagine doing that to a child. Some people should simply not have either one. Good luck with you new "son" and maybe post a pic of him so we can all see him too.

Chantel said...

I'll be posting pics once I get a new AC Adaptor for my laptop... (Argh, lol!)

cdblueberry said...

Yes! This post is what's it's all about!

Amber - on a human journey said...

You are so freaking awesome!!!!