Skagway day trip ~ May 23rd, 2009

Today, my parents and Chris and I went to Skagway, AK, for the day. For most Whitehorsians, Skagway is a favorite day trip... It's about 2 hours away, and it's a beautiful, beautiful drive, through mountains, along lakes... And then you end up by an inlet off the ocean, where you get to smell the wonderful salt air!

We picked a really gorgeous day for a trip out there... We had sun the entire day! The forecast had said that today would be overcast, but while there were a few clouds, it was lovely and sunny most of the day! I even got a bit more sunburn, which is itching like mad. I don't tan, folks... I just go from white to pink without a stop at tan city. It's entirely possible that it's because I used to pretend I was a vampire (not the sparkly ones) and avoided sunlight like the plague.

So, on my list of things to do while in Skagway:

-Visit the Rushin' Tailor, which is a quilt fabric shop. I never buy anything, except maybe the odd ceramic button... But it's open year round, so on some of the late/early trips, it's one of the few places to visit. This is tradition.

-Get a Smoothie at Glacial Smoothies. Another year-rounder... We never seem to plan to go there, but it's right beside the Rushin' Tailor, and they made really tasty fruit smoothies. Today's concoction? Strawberry, Banana, Orange juice... Really lovely and smooth.

-Visit the Skagway Hardware Store. Again, we never intend to go, but all of us, girls and guys, are drawn into hardware stores...

-In the summer, walk around and look at all the jewellery stores. I don't know if any of you have been to Skagway in Cruise-ship season (Skagway is pretty much just there for the cruise ships now, lol!), but about 4/5ths of the stores in Skagway are jewellery stores, all advertising cheap "northern lights" earrings, cruise passenger specials, etc. They all have hundreds of thousands worth of jewellery in their windows, and so we walk by and talk about what we like, what we don't like. I've decided I'm going to have to make some "pavé" beaded bracelets with crystals. I really like that look now...

Usually, we'll also stop at the Book Store (Called the News Depot, I believe), and go into a few touristy shops. The first store we went into, the guy there complimented my necklace, which is just a turquoise (reconstitued) donut on a silver chain, which I wire-wrapped and threw together this morning before we left, so I thought that was funny...

For supper, we went to the Stowaway Cafe, which is a seasonal restaurant. I really, really recommend going there if you're in Skagway in the spring or summer. We went there last year for the first time, treated by Chris's uncle, and we discovered how great it is!

I had the wasabi salmon, which is actually pretty mild... It's a nice, large piece of salmon, in a teriyaki glaze, with a wasabi/panko "crust" on top, served with a side of rice, and some sauteed veggies. The salmon is tasty, if maybe just a wee bit on the salty side, and the wasabi crust is quite mild and lovely. The veggies are always perfectly hot but crisp, and rice is a nice side. Add to that a nice location by the inlet, and it's a nice scene.

I think the best part of the day was driving around and checking out all the gardens! They're not spectacular gardens by any means, but when you're from somewhere that is only BEGINNING to become green, seeing all that grass, and the large number of puffy, pink double-flowering almonds.... It lifts the soul!

We also saw 4 bears!! On the way down, we saw a baby black bear, ambling on the side of the road, then on the way back, we saw a grizzly family! A mama and 2 cubs! They didn't seem at ALL disturbed that we stopped at the mama and I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find something for this sunburn, before I scratch myself to bits....

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cdblueberry said...

Other than the burn, it sounds like an absolutely beautiful drive and fun day trip!