Speaking of mental health ~May 28. 2009

Today, I'm getting to put my new-found coping skills and problem recognition skills to the test...

Last night, I fell into bed, so tired that I forgot to take my brain-glasses, and I can REALLY feel it today. I'm not getting those 'brain zaps' or anything that people talk about, but it really is like I forgot to put on glasses! My brain is seeing things differently today, and everything is a bit out of focus.

I think it doesn't help that I'm entirely exhausted... The sunshine here at night, it's really great on the weekends, but on weeknights, when you really need to be sleeping, it's a bit of a pain. Add to that, I took my Celexa first thing this morning, which is going to make me even MORE tired.

But I'm feeling really anxious, and a little paranoid today. And my cramps are REALLY getting me down...

So it's time to pull out some coping skills:

Deep Breathing. I'm getting good at this, because we practice it in Yoga.
Taking a quick walk.
Popping downstairs to see Tami, who ALWAYS cheers me up!
Checking the WW site, or some funny blogs.
Organizing, and getting everything tied up.

That's not my whole list, but those are some that are really good for me at work...

What do you in blogland use, when you need to cope with stress and anxiety, without eating your way through it?


VMac said...

Hi Chantal,
I just thought I'd check out your blog after reading your response to the Thursday random poll. :-)
For stress coping I have a couple of CDs that I love - an ocean CD and a rainstorms CD. Just having them in the background help me to relax a bit, without even noticing. I also find that peppermint tea helps a lot.
What's it like living up in Whitehorse? There was a job posted in my field recently in Whitehorse, and I thought about what it might be like. I'm locked into a contract in Saskatoon, but was just curious. :-)
I hope your eyesight isn't blurred for long. ;-) And congratulations on your losses so far.
Oh, and I'm assuming you've tried a sleep mask? I know that they work for me sometimes (but sometimes you can just see the light at the borders, and that sucks).

syl said...

Definately running! I save my workouts for the end of my day, once the kids are asleep it's my time.
It releases all my stress and anxiety of the day and I love to end my day like this.

Chantel said...

Vanessa, I love living in Whitehorse. The shopping isn't great, but I find that it's really good for the soul, to be always surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature. The people are generally really friendly, and the tax breaks are fantastic, lol!

As for the sleep mask, I've really tried, but I can't fall asleep with anything on my face... I'm constantly making sure that my hair isn't on my face while I'm sleeping, even! We're going to get the blackout curtains up tonight, because DH and I are both getting grumpier and grumpier!

Tamara said...

I have no decent stress relievers. Hmmmm. Interesting. I just wait for the moment to pass. LOL! I guess I'm not much help. How long is it sunny up there right now? All night? Hope you feel better soon Chantel.