Weigh-In, May 11, 2009

Well, I'm down another 3.5 lbs this week, after eating a quarter of a cheesecake yesterday... Granted, it was friendlier cheesecake (see post below), but still...

I paid for it though! I had heartburn all evening!

I'm going walking tonight with the Mom of a coworker! It's the strangest thing, but being happy and healthier really seems to be bringing more people around me! I'm looking forward to the walk, although lately I've preferred walking outside... I think that it's the whole idea that I have to GET someplace, and if I walk a 1/2 hour OUT, I need to walk the 1/2 hour back too... On the track, though, I can sit down, take a breather, stop when I feel like... I dunno...


syl said...

another great WI chantel! Wow!
Every time I read one of your post I know how much you want this. You can definately tell you were ready.
Regarding out door walking. I use to love to walk on my treadmill and watch TV. Then I started walking and now running out doors, its something about the fresh air that I really love. Mind you I go out after spending my whole days with my kids, so I find it very relaxing and peaceful. If you like the outdoors then you will enjoy walking outside.
thank you for dropping by and your comments

Visichy said...

Congratulations on your great weigh in.
Vicky (Hi-stepper from the GDT)