Back on Tracking ~June 22, 2009

Kookatsoon Lake - Not my picture...

I get the feeling that this is going to be a difficult summer for me, WW-wise... And this is the VERY first summer that I can say that.

Until this point in my life, summer was the bane of my existence. "It's too hot... There's nothing to do... I don't WANNA go outside!! Stupid bugs..."


I feel a bit like a new butterfly..

Wait, no. I'm sorry, that's a HORRIBLE simile! I will NOT compare myself to a brand new butterfly, because I just can't stomach that... It's TOO cliche, and TOO sappy. Ugh...

Anywho, I feel like...

Ooh, I feel like I'm seeing things in a totally different light this summer. The sun isn't so scalding, the earth isn't so dry... I know it has more to do with my recovery from depression, and my new-found better health, than it does with the sun or the earth or the bugs... But it feels like it's the surroundings that have changed, and not me.

I'm looking forward to DOING things this summer! I'm looking forward to getting some sun, and tenting, and picnicking, and walking... And the amazing thing is that this is the first of MANY summers of this!

The downside?

I find it a lot more difficult to be on-plan when I'm camping and picnicking... Especially camping! Even if I'm on-plan, I'm also going to be probably eating more sodium-rich foods. and camping for me involves a lot of relaxing, which usually means snacking. I try to pack mostly healthier foods and lower-cal options, but there's not only me that I have to think of. And, truth be told, I'm not exactly Ms. Healthy option... I'm a camping CHEATER!! *hides head in shame*

I'm thinking of moving my WI day to friday for the summer, so as to do damage control over the week, but would that be wise? Shouldn't I keep it on monday, so that I try to change my eating patterns for good?! This needs to be a lifestyle, not a, "work really hard for WI day and then relax for a couple of days."

I've been on WeightWatchers this time since January 12th, 2009. To be honest, I've had more not-OP and not tracking days than I'd like, even though that number is probably less than one week of my total time. As of today, I'm down 77.9 lbs, which is a number I'm very happy with. I've changed the way I eat, even if I'm not perfect all the time. I can walk for several kilometers, and I can even run in tiny, short stints.

And even better than that, I'm happy. I'm really happy! I love myself, and being myself!

Will I make this work over the summer? I'm confident I will.

Will this be a challenge?

You bet your, erm... Booty? :p

If anyone out there in blogland has some fun, easy, WW-friendly camping recipes (especially those that can be cooked in or on the fire), please send them my way!!


Tamara said...

Chantel you have done amazing so far. Don't let the summer derail you. I'm struggling with the exact same thing today so I can totally relate! It won't be easy but sometimes the hardest things are the most worthwhile.

I don't do much camping but a girlfriend of mine camps constantly and she makes burritos for the campfire. She puts rice and beans and tomatos and lettuce and salsa and cheese in whole wheat wraps then wraps them in tin foil and heats them through on a rack over the fire. They're awesome.

Me said...

You're doing so well! I know you will do it this time.

As for camping recipes...what about making chicken kabobs over the campfire instead of marshmellows?