Best 100 Calorie Snacks

"This list was originally put together by Kippy2006. It is not intended to function as a real snack list (although for some of the entries, it certainly is reasonable)

It's a *thought starter*, an illustration to show how much more REAL food you can get for 100 calories compared to a nutritionless 100 calorie pack.

1/4 of an avocado
1.75 cups apple slices
1 medium banana
1 cup grapes
2 cups berries
1.5 cups sliced peaches
1.25 cups orange sections
1.25 cups blueberries
2 cups diced watermelon
1 cup sliced pears
1.33 cup diced pineapple
1.5 cups raspberries
1 cup cherries
2 large kiwifruit
3 clementines
4 cups cherry tomatoes or 10 plum tomatoes or 3 large beefsteak tomatoes
1 medium baked sweet potato
1 small baked white potato
2 cups carrot strips or slices
12 cups torn lettuce
10 large broccoli spears
8 cups sliced cucumbers
5.5 cups sliced bell or sweet peppers
5 cups whole raw mushrooms
32 spears cooked asparagus
2.5 cups cooked green beans
80 snow or sugar snap pea pods
4.5 cups mixed vegetable salad (without dressing)
1/2 cup cooked grain/rice/pasta (most, bulgur is 3/4s cup)
1 jumbo hard boiled egg
20 large boiled or steamed shrimp
2 oz chicken breast meat (a little more than 2 oz)
2 oz sirloin steak (a little less than 2 oz)
0.75 cup plain fatfree yogurt
3 cups airpopped popcorn

compared to:

less than an ounce of some kind of packaged cookie crispy thing"

I LOVE this list! One thing that I decided, this time around on WW, was I wasn't going to buy any of those 100 calorie packs, WW cakes or frozen meals, rice cakes, etc... I always found that when I ate those, I ended up hungrier than when I started out, and they were never SATISFYING!

If I want cake, or cookies, or whatever, I budget to have the real deal...

Now, I do have a COUPLE of exceptions to that rule:

-No-sugar-added pudding and jello: I have these with my lunch, and it gives me that little sweet kick, making me feel like I've had a treat without skyrocketing my blood sugar.

-Light cheese: Laughing Cow light spreadable cheese, and Mini-Babybel light cheese. I still have regular cheese, but I love these light alternatives as a day-to-day cheese sub.

-Frozen Yogurt: At the beginning of going back on WW, I was eating a fair amount of skinny cow bars, and fudgsicles... And then I discovered Chapman's Plus frozen yogurt... It's Frozen Yogurt with pre- and pro-biotic fibre!! Which means that it's not only lower calories and fat, but it's also loaded with fibre, and is totally delicious to boot. I'll allow myself ice cream no problem, but I'd really rather have this stuff! Especially the Poached Pear frozen yogurt, which is absolutely fantastic!! And, honestly, the vanilla is 1 pt for 1/2 a cup, and the pear is 2 pts for 1/2 a cup. Careful, though, because you've already maxed out the fibre at 1/2 a cup, so the points go up more steeply from there.

-Diet Pop: Not often, but once in a while. I prefer the President's Choice Lychee or Grapefruit diet pops. I vowed to myself that I wouldn't drink regular pop EVER again (unless Sara comes up here, in which case, we need to have Coke and Pringles) because I was drinking litres and litres of it, and my blood sugar and insulin were total messes...

Other than that, I eat real cookies and cake, real butter, real meat... And I love it all!!


Christielli said...

Hmmm, I dunno, I'd rather have 100-cal pack than 12 cups of lettuce. LOL

I also love that Chapman's frozen yogurt.

I have to admit, I'll eat a 100 cal pack, to stop cravings for stuff. One a day satisfies me usually, although yesterday I had a bad and ate like three. Oops.

chrystal said...

This is a sweet list! Thanks for posting it :)

Tamara said...

I have to remember to look for that Chapman's. I like this list. It's a great reminder. I don't buy the 100 cal packs either. I usually end up eating the whole box! Plus, all that packaging makes me cringe.

Great post Chantel! :)