For Annika - Jewellery pics

Click on the Pic!


Lisa said...

Those are beautiful Chantel!

Tundramunkie said...


You're so sweet. :o)

Now come to Inuvik already! come and enter the arts festival! (GNAF.org)

Tundramunkie said...

I really like the necklace with the "Believe" pendant on it. Very edgy and city for someone so far north, haha. the earrings you paied with it are fantastic, too!

Love the bracelet in silverk with the scads of hanging beads, but my ABSOLUTE favorite is the antique brass and bronze, turquose, wood, etc. necklace. Let me buy it, please!!! How long is it? And how soon can I have it? lol

I know I saw a slew of your other stuff before, but I'm so pleased you posted this link. You're amazing, Chantel. And your work has a dynamic edge I don't often see in beadwork.

Chantel said...

Ooooooh, you're so pushing it :p The week before a show, and you want to BUY something? Hee hee...

I'll e-mail you deets?