Hee hee hee... And an eating update! ~June 23rd, 2009

Ahhh, I love funny websites. Makes me happy, I tell you what!

Anywho, so I'm back on the tracking thing, and I'm bettering my eating, and I have to say, I feel better already! Last night for supper, I had a nice, big spinach salad, with apple and raspberries and strawberries, and it was SO good!! And then we had tomato soup, and grilled cheese sandwiches, on Chris's homemade multigrain bread... By the end of supper, I was full up, but in the good, healthy way. I didn't feel all heartburny, or greasy, or yuggy... I'd forgotten how nice it feels to be full of healthier food!

I know that this weekend will be a struggle, because I'm not home the whole time, and I'll be sitting, surrounded by food vendors. Fish & Chips, Indian Food, Burritos, Cotton Candy, etc etc etc... I know that last year, I ate most of my food from the vendors, and while it was delicious, it wasn't necessarily the healthiest option, so I think I've come up with a solution:

Breakfast and lunch from home, healthy snacks, and supper can be from a cart. That way, I'm not missing out on the yummy deliciousness that surrounds me, but I'm still balancing it out with homemade healthy food!

I don't know how I feel about everyone telling me how they can see how much weight I've lost, everyone gushing over how well I'm doing. I know it's odd, but I feel like that's an awful lot of pressure on me! I don't mean my online peebles, because all I feel from you guys is support, whether I gain or lose or stay the same. But all these people irl, the ones that I don't really know well (Tami, this doesn't include you), they gush over how well I'm doing, and I just feel like, if I don't keep it up, I'll be disappointing people!

And I'm doing this for me, not for my coworkers, or the people I see in my building, or whatever...

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cdblueberry said...

I feel really uncomfortable with any comments, positive or negative about my body or weight loss.

lol, it shatters my illusion that I'm invisible :)