Mental Health, and a bit of "star-struck-ness"

Alright, I am learning more and more than exhaustion is BAD for my mental health. Not only does it hurt physically, but it fogs up my mental view, and everything becomes harder to read. I feel worse about myself, see others as worse than they are, and really just feel like hiding under my desk.

I could, you know! I mean, hide under my desk. It's huge! I could just move my shredding box, and I have a book with me anyway, and....

I digress.

Why is it so impossible to get enough sleep? I'm waiting for my referral to go through for the sleep lab so I can be tested for sleep apnea, but hopefully my weight loss will help with that. I know that cutting out a lot of the processed food should help how I feel physically too. But I can't seem to get enough sleep, and I have a hard time WANTING to go to sleep at night.

Does that affect all of us out there? Do we all feel like we have too much to do to deserve sleep? Do we all go to bed too late, get up too early, and then berate ourselves for sleeping in on the weekends?

On a side note (If you might be causing my star-struck-ness, please don't keep reading. It will only embarrass me!):

I'm a bit star-struck, honestly... I've had comments from Meghan Telpner (Making love in the kitchen, which is posted on "The Appetizer" on Nationalpost.ca), and Jen from Priorfatgirl comment on my blog recently! How crazy is that?!

Is this what comes from Blog-stalking people?

Ooh, maybe Alton Brown has a blog I can stalk, so he'll notice me! ^.~


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

uuhh...yes, karma. you leave commens on our blog, we come back and find you & read yours! HA!

P.S. I had sleep apnea and now am cured. OK I am webmd'ing myself in that claim of being "cured" but I don't snore anymore so good enough for me! (although I still get a sleepy)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

I loooooove Alton. Lemme know if he has one, willya?

Losing my weight helped my sleep dramatically. My mom has sleep apnea really bad. Since getting the elephant man machine (that's what it looks like) she has been able to lose some weight. Mind you, she's not trying hard, as she has gastric bypass surgery coming up in October.

Me said...

if you're coming to vancouver for your sleep study, maybe we could meet up for coffee!