Where did it go?!

Okay, I'm suffering from a SERIOUS lack of inspiration here... I need to REALLY get my butt in gear for next weekend, and I've got NOTHING! (I don't mean that I haven't made anything, because I have, but definitely not enough... )

Where did it GO?!

Maybe it's because it's summer, and my colour palette is much more winter than summer, or maybe I'm just...


This is getting bad! All I really want to do is play around with seed beads, but all that takes WAY too long, and I've only got a week left... My mind is just a blank, and I'm TOTALLY uninterested in everything I own!

I guess I should count how many pieces I've made so far... I get the feeling that this will be even MORE depressing...

Would anyone notice, you think, if 3/4 of the stock on my table was earrings? *sigh*

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Tundramunkie said...

psssst! You need to post pics of more of your jewellery!

Also, lemme buy some, dammit!

Love the new blog design and the banner about those extra 20lbs. My strap of back fat is always the first thing that is gained when I come back here.

Motivation? I'll bet it's hiding out in those old pics of yourself. Or in that list of things you've always wanted to go out and do.

My big motivation in starting was the realization that my weight was making LIFE decisions for me. And that was simply unacceptable. For example, my weight was dictating which activities I would or wouldn't take part in, which outing I'd join in on, which outfits I'd try on, how sexy and confident I'd feel with my husband...

NOT COOL. I'm the boss. I say what happens to me. I'm not gonna let this health issue keep me from fun times any more.

Borrow my motivation for now, if you want, until yours comes home.\

Hope you have a great day, my gorgeous arctic angel.