Who wouldn't want a weekend like this?! ~June 6th, 2009

Another beautiful day up here in Whitehorse... We're getting so spoiled! It's not so great for the forest fires (well, good for the fires, bad for the people), which is a fact that I can REALLY appreciate. But for us whose homes aren't being threatened by fire, the sun has been wonderful!

Early-ish start this morning, for a Saturday. Got myself a summer hair cut; I have a lot of hair (thin, but loads of it) and it's been driving me crazy! Even back in a ponytail, it was really hot on my neck. Now my hair is off my neck... It's slightly longer in the front, and a bit shorter in the back, which is WONDERFUL! I have pictures, but they're stuck on my camera until the cord for the laptop comes.

Then we went for lunch at Erica's, which is a diner-type restaurant, in the Whitehorse Airport. The view from there is amazing!! The airport actually sits on a plateau above the city, but you can't see the city from the airport, or visa versa. So from the airport, you're looking out to the mountains in the distance, and Erica's has HUGE windows all along the side. We even managed to get a windowside table today!

I ordered a chicken burger, which was tasty, if not a little... generic. It was supposed to be a Maui chicken burger, and I ordered it without mayo... The only difference between it and a regular grilled chicken-breast type burger was a pineapple ring. I got it with a salad (no cheese... Why would you put cheese on a side salad!?), so I felt all healthy and virtuous, lol! (2T french dressing, regular.)

After grabbing some stuff at the fruit and veggie stand, we headed home... We had a coworker of mine and her bf over for lupper, and it was a really good time... We'd had them over once before, and it was a really good time, but it's been a year in between...

We had M&M meats Maple Salmon skewers, which are so freaking good!! I mean, I already knew that, but I haven't had them in a while. We served that with wild rice, and spinach salad with raspberries, strawberries and apple. I'm DEFINITELY doing spinach salad with fruit again... I've done salad with apple and raisin before, but never with this much fruit, and I really enjoyed it. I got compliments on it too (that's funny, just toss it all together, right? :p), so I think it'll be another 'companies coming' recipe.

For dessert: WW Lemon Bars Renovation... They're thinner, and a little more tart than a regular lemon square, but they're SO good!! It's all real ingrediants: Butter, sugar, eggs, etc... But it's a really thin, shortbread-ish crust, and then a thinner layer of lemon filling. It REALLY satisfies both your sweet and tart teeth...

It's so rare that I do much socializing that I had forgotten that it was really a lot of fun! Of course, the house-cleaning before hand isn't so fantastic, but I always have such a good time, and then I have a clean house afterwards!!

Once I'm done blogging, we're going to drive out to Marsh lake... I can't drive OUT, because I had a cooler with supper, but I should be able to drive back in.

Lets see... 370 lbs, 1 drink... I drank the drink for about an hour, with food. By the time we drive back, it'll be about 5 hours later...

I should be at 0 BAC by then! :D

I hope everyone out there in Blog land is having as fantastic a weekend as I am!!!

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