Back on Plan ~ July 27, 2009

Where has July gone?! It seems like just yesterday, we were celebrating Canada day, and now we're on the final week!

Well, I'm back on plan, for real. (Fo realz...) That doesn't mean that I'm necessarily eating as healthily as I should be, but I'm sticking to my points allowance, and I'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies, but I made cheesecake the day before I went back OP, and while we were all good-intentioned and meant to freeze it, instead we've been nibbling our way through it. Luckily, with 43 daily points, I've had the points available to spend 9 a day on cheesecake. :D

Saturday night, we had a really wonderful, delicious delicious supper... I took pictures, and I'll post them when I get them off the camera, but I'm going to tell you about it first!

At the farmers' market (every thursday) there is a seller than makes goat cheese, and so every week, I talk about going to the farmers market and picking up goat cheese, and then getting beets, and roasting them... And it never happens. Because I'm lazy/busy.

But this week, I decided to make it happen. So thursday, we went to the farmers' market and picked up some chevre, and then over to the fruit and veggie stand where we picked up some organic golden beets. Then that night, I put the beets in to roast (425 degrees, rub in a little olive oil, roast for 45 min - 1 hr), and while they were roasting, DH made homemade pasta... Then they came out, and I let them cool for a couple minutes... I didn't know it was so easy to peel roasted beets! Just run over the skin with a knife, and it peels right off... Nice! Then cut them into sliced, with some chevre and a little olive oil, with the homemade pasta with olive oil and parmesan...

Man alive, it was SO good... And SOO filling!

Will post pics!


I've found my biggest motivation... I want to have kids. I want to have kids badly enough that I keep considering being irresponsible and starting to try now, when it would be really dangerous for me physically. Last night, we were watching a movie, so I was already sniffly, when a VERY pregnant lady walked past our house, and I just started crying and crying...

But the best thing I can do, both for myself and for my future kids, is to get healthy first. So I'm trying to keep my longing under control while I work hard at getting healthy...


Jenny said...

I have just found the love for beets as well. We BBQ'd them in tin foil with a little feta adn olive oil for 30 minutes nad they were mouth watering!

Local goat cheese, how awesome is that. I put goat cheese on my steaks. MMMMmmmm

She-Fit said...

Wanting to have kids is probably the best motivation ever. Sounds like you are back on plan and going strong... keep up the great work!