Clouds? Where ARE you?!

Alright, it's summer time. I'm enjoying that it's summer time. I'm enjoying that we're getting sun, and everyone gets to be outside, but honestly....

Could it be just a little cooler?!

We've been having temperatures in the low 30's this week (That's celsius, for you old-school folks), and I'm just dyyyyyyyyyying!

Fine, so I'm exagerating a wee bit. But not a lot!! It's hot carrying around 214 lbs of extra fat and insulation, so the hot weather really wears on me. Combined with heat-induced water retention, and I'm pretty sore.

It's also made cooking and food prep a challenge! We're trying to be frugal, because we've got some bigger expenses coming up (including one that we shouldn't have to be paying, dammit!!) and want to save some money too, so we're trying to make larger meals that we can stretch, but who wants to heat up the oven when it's 30+ degrees?! Heck, who wants to do anything buy lounge around and eat ice cream?! :p

Tomorrow is WI day, and I really have no idea how it's going to go... I might be retaining a million lbs of water, or I might have flushed it all out (entirely possible) and be down, or I might stay the same? Who knows!!

I have to say, after 6 months of WW, while I'm happy and going to keep going, I'm starting to have a harder time feeling all dynamic and positive and such about this... I guess it's become routine, and it's not so exciting anymore, and I could really use some of that old excitement back.


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Maybe it's time for a new challenge? Try a new vegetable every week, learn to run...something exciting?

Chantel said...

I've always wanted to try something with leeks or artichokes... Hmmm...

cdblueberry said...

That's a good idea! Try a new challenge or short term goal to keep you focussed.

I don't deal well with the humidity either, can you say 24lb gain in one week?

Water, water, water, water

Minimal processed foods, including flour based foods have helped me, but I've got issues :P

Me said...

I didn't lose or gain anything this week...damn humidity! I am in my room and the thermostat says it's 38C in here. I'm dying!!!! I've been praying for a huge downpour of rain.