Didn't I mention....?

That I was going on vacation? :p

Anywho, I'm back. A day early, actually... It was smoky where we were staying, so we thought we'd drive part of the way back today... And then when it came time to stop, we didn't really feel like setting up camp for one night, so we just drove a few more hours to home. :)

I didn't have internet access or tv or anything the whole time! I mean, I barely had CELL PHONE service - only when we were actually IN Dawson City (or Carmacks) did my phone say anything but "Searching" and "Power Save Mode"...

I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds ("What do you MEAN, ice cream isn't a vegetable! I've been LIED to!!") and a little sunburn/tan, and a few more hours of driving practice (7 hrs 15 min)...

I now know how to change a tire (or how to help, anyway), what washing your hair in a FREEZING cold river (and dunking your head) feels like, how to drive on a gravel road, and that shirtless sunbathing (I didn't say topless, just shirtless) is rather nice :p

Also, poutine made with cheddar cheese isn't really very good.

There will be some pictures, though not of me... Maybe a pic of me driving, but most of the pictures were of the scenery.

Anywho, more posting later. It's 12:30 am (nearly) and I've been up since 8am, and I'm a bit bushed.

I love you peebles!


Me said...

So glad to hear you're back! I was worried about you!

Amber - on a human journey said...

I live for your blog updates!!! ;)

Chantel said...

You'd better live for more than that, Amber dearest... Especially since I text you too! :p

Tundramunkie said...

I'm happy you're back!

I've been missing you :o(