Gearing up for a gain ~July 9th, 2009

Tomorrow is WI day, and based on what I saw on the scales today, I'm looking at a gain of a few pounds. And you know what?

That's totally alright!

I'm on my last day of my WW week, and I currently have 21 flex points, and 16 activity points sitting in my reserve. Yesterday, I finished the day with 6 daily points left over.

My weight gain is caused by undereating, and also by the heat: When it's warm, I retain water. I AM chugging back, but I knew this would probably happen. I've had this issue since I was a teenager. I'm lucky, though, that it's a few pounds, and not 20, right? :)

I can't believe, though, how un-hungry I've been lately, in the evenings! Usually I could just eat and eat and eat, and lately? Naaaah... This isn't the first time in the last couple of weeks that I've gone to bed with a surplus - most days, I'm left with 1-2 points left over, and last week, I had one day that I didn't eat 7 points! Eating all my points has NEVER been a problem for me before!

It's funny how counter-intuitive this is, eh? How eating less can actually HURT your chances of losing the weight? The world keeps telling us that the less you eat, the more you'll lose, but it's totally not the case! Ideally, I should be eating my FP and at least half my AP too, but this week, I just can't. Next week shouldn't be so hard, though, with a couple of camping trips in there.

All of this makes me feel so good about myself though... I'm looking at a gain this week, and I'm completely not disappointed in myself! I don't feel like I need to be giving it more of myself, because I'm not failing. I'm not floundering, and I'm not second guessing myself, even though this morning I saw a number in the low 370's instead of the mid-to-high 360's. I'm not sad, or depressed...

I'm constantly amazed by my new outlook on things. Just like when I actually think about it, I'm constantly astounded that I'm an actual adult, or that I'm MARRIED (to someone so wonderful), I'm surprised and delighted that I'm in a good emotional place.


Tamara said...

About a million years ago a guy wrote a book called Eat More Weigh Less. It was widely praised in the vegetarian community but pooh-poohed by everyone else because, let's face it, most people will try to rationalize away a vegetarian diet. It was extremely low fat which as since fallen out of favour with the recognition of "good fats" but the basic premise was "eat lots of food with lots of fibre and you will eat way more than you do now, way more than with any other calorie restriciting diet and you will lose weight" Hmmmmmmmmm, sound familiar (filling foods). Gee, Weight Watchers is so revolutionary! LOL!

Eat all you points honey. But then, you knew that already. :) ♥

Syl said...

I found when I have days where I don't eat all my points I try to drink them, in form of juice as a treat. Something other than water.
I have a friend on WW who is breastfeeding and finds she has so many points left over, she has taken my advice and started to track her juice she finds it really works!
Either way however your WI goes you have a great attitude, keep it up Chantel!

Sephgirl said...

Nice post Chantal - I love the peace in it! Great you are in such a good place! :)