Happy Canada Day!

Alright, so speaking of Narcissism, I commented on Priorfatgirl's latest post, and then I re-read my comment, and realized that I really liked what I said there, so I'm going to post it here...

"The problem is that eating is a wonderful, social, pleasurable, sensual experience that is essential to the human condition. We celebrate with food. We console with food. We meet and greet with food. We love with food.

And we can't lose that, just because we're prior- or to-be-prior-fatgirls... We just need to pay more attention to how much, while still being real people..."

And I think that's true... We can't just NOT eat real food, because we have a pack of thinsations waiting at home. We can't completely kill this human instinct to surround our occasions with nibbles and feasts...

Anywho, I got on the scale today, for the first time in 1 1/2 weeks.... I was very afraid that I'd see a number in the 380's again, because of my yummy, wild weekend...

So I got on the scale, and saw... 368.1? YAY!!

Which then means... That I'm down a daily point! I now eat 43 points a day instead of 44!! I'm not worried about going down one point, although I still wonder what it'll be like when I have fewer than 30 points per day...

As for the whole foods week, we're still on track! Supper last night was delicious teriyaki glazed chicken drumsticks. I made the teriyaki glaze myself! I got a non-caramel-colour-including soy sauce (the naturally brewed kind) and made my glaze with that, and brown sugar, and mirin, and ginger, and garlic, and a little cornstarch to thicken it... Throw that on the BBQ, and it was SO good!!

We had the chicken with rice (a mixture with wild in it too), and more corn on the cob. Corn on the cob is quickly becoming one of my favorite foods, and get this... I've been eating it WITHOUT BUTTER!

I'm thinking I'll make pancakes for breakfast today... And then we've rented a couple of movies, so I'll probably make popcorn on the side... Real popcorn, that DOESN'T come in a baggie to put in the nuker! :p

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT Canada Day!!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

You know, I wonder if it is just this continent? I was talking with someone at work who just moved here from Europe and he said the exact thing, that he can't believe we in the US eat at our desks, hold meetings over lunch, and surround ourselves by food.

Tundramunkie said...

For me it comes from an older generation. A war-torn refugee generation.

Where having good food is a sign that all is well.

Also, times were tough growing up. Even now, if there's something special to be had, my squirrelling instincts flare up and I want to hoard all that good stuff for myself or at least get a good chunk of the action, even if I'm not a stitch hungry.

I think for others, with both parents working, processed food became the staples instead of the exception. E.g. Ichiban was a great treat for me growing up: cheap, yummy, easy and fast to make... but do you know one package is about 12pts? Ridiculous.

But the REALLY ridiculous thing is that I, a 26 year old, have yet to figure out how to work my body. I wish they'd give me a user's manual already. I feel like a bad car owner who isn't maintaining or fueling my ride very well at all!!

Lastly, hindsight is 20/20. Just like DH who can't stop smoking, I just can't stop treating my body like shit, because I have no respect or up close view of the long term damage I'm doing to myself.

I'm just sunshine and roses, today? Aren't i?