Whole Foods Week Re-Cap~July 6th, 2009

Well, yesterday was the closing day of the Whole Foods week challenge, and I have to say, I enjoyed it. It was tougher than I thought it'd be, and Saturday wasn't really super whole-foodsy, but I learned something:

This is a lifestyle I'd like to work on carrying on.

Of course, I'm saying this as I'm eating no-sugar-added chocolate pudding, and sandwiches with Nutella. And I had a Tim Horton's Egg salad sandwich for breakfast.

With my current lifestyle, I won't be able to be completely whole-foods, but I can certainly make some changes towards MOSTLY whole foods. In the interests of economy, I've decided that we'll finish the open containers of stuff (nutella, for example), but not buy more. I have a second, unopened jar of nutella that I'm going to donate to the foodbank, along with some other items... Lucky family that gets that, eh?

But also, this made me realize that I REALLY need to start including more veggies in my diet... Even on Whole Foods week, I still wasn't ingesting enough vegetable matter most of the time, unless I made a concerted effort.

The other thing that this challenge brought to the forefront: My husband is an AMAZING man. He is so supportive and creative and hard-working... He shared a LOT of the work with me, and made sure that I kept moving in the right direction. He wants to make healthy choices, I think, even more than I do! ("What do you mean, an Ice Cream from McDonald's isn't a whole food?!") I'm so glad the stars aligned to get us together!!

I really do feel like cutting out the extra salt and preservatives is a super worthwhile thing to do, though...

Also, homemade pasta is absolutely delicious! I would suggest EVERYone try it!!


Tundramunkie said...

Wohoooo! Way to go for making a strong start this week! So proud of you, especially since you're a northern chick with disgusting grocery prices.

Now all you need is some caribou in your freezer!

I think I'll definitely try the homemade pasta thing.

Sounds yummy.

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Go you!

Me said...

It's July dear!

Chantel said...

Heh, thankies about the date thing :p