Dear Diary,

Today, I had such a perfectly wonderful day.

The weather was really lovely, which was a surprise, as everyone was forecasting rain.

I slept in until 9am, which is sleeping in, but not TOO too late... I had a relaxing time on the computer, then went and made breakfast. (This was supposed to be breakfast in bed for Chris, but he came downstairs before I finished up, so it was breakfast across the table from each other.) Then, after a long, luxuriating shower, we went for coffee (tea) and a carrot cupcake, we walked up and down main street.

My knee went out twice, which would previously have been an automatic "day over" for me, but today, I was able to walk my way through it. I'm very proud of that.

We drove over to the animal shelter to look at getting a friend for Atreides, and apparently... There will be kittens soon! We're going to look at some in 1 1/2 weeks... Everyone wants kittens, though, so we're going to have to show up RIGHT when the shelter opens to get one.

After that, we went over to my parents' house, so Chris could help my dad with some outside work, which didn't take long.

And then, Chris decided to surprise me by taking me out on a date: Dinner and a movie!

We went to a new restaurant that specializes in Caribbean cuisine. I had coconut curry chicken on basmati rice, and only ate half, so there's another bunch in the fridge for me.

Then we went to see the movie "Julie & Julia", which was GREAT! SO wonderful!!! Amy Adams did a really great job, but Meryl Streep was INCREDIBLE!!!! It certainly differed from the book in many ways, but this is one time that I really wasn't disappointed!

We finished off the day with chocolate malts, up at the second Grey Mountain lookout, and we ate while we watched the amazing sunset over the town. The sky was pink and yellow and orange, and the clouds were a deep, powdery blue...

I have a lot of really great days now, but this one is definitely going to be a standout... A lot of holding hands, a lot of laughter...

I am a very lucky woman.


Tamara said...

I loved that movie too! Meryl Streep was brilliant.

I think your new layout is beautiful by the way. Love the colours!

What a great day for you! You are a lucky woman indeed. :)

Sam Made said...

Just found your blog and wanted to drop a line. I loved Julie & Julia too! Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading.

Brenlin said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

Brenlin said...

Yay, it worked! :)