Dear Chantel...

Dear Chantel...

Kudos to you! You've made some huge lifestyle changes, and are really rocking along there! Tracking points for 9 1/2 months is a big achievement, and you really should be celebrating!

I know how easy it is for you to lose sight of the beginning of your journey, and to belittle how far you've come. Let me spell it out for you...

87.4 lbs.

In about 35 weeks.

That works out to almost 2 1/2 lbs PER WEEK!!

Granted, a lot of that was in the beginning, and you're starting to see the way get harder. The pounds have started to hang on a little harder, and those numbers aren't dropping as quickly as they used to.

That makes what you're doing now even MORE laudable! You're keeping up the hard work, even when you're not seeing such dramatic results! You're tracking, and eating right, and trying to get off your duff when you can!

What else has been accomplished along the way?

You've walked 5 kilometers in one go.

You've jogged, and though it was brief, it was AMAZING.

You've done Yoga.

You've done aquafit.

You're able to fit into previously scary, depressing, too-small chairs.

Heck, you've gone from barely able to walk 100 metres to being able to trail walk, and KEEP UP with normal people!!

And not only that, but you've become a RECOVERING binge eater, and you've learned to use coping skills to nearly annihilate emotional eating!

So Chantel, do not EVER play down how far you've come, and how much work you've put into this. This may just be 'life' for you, but it's a pretty inspiring life. You've come so far, and you're not quitting any time soon.

You inspire me every day.

All my love,



Kimberley said...

Beautiful. Just like you.

Abbey Shaw said...

I loved this.
You should know that you inspire me as well.

cdblueberry said...

Dear Chantel,
You also inspire me every day

<3 the other CD :D

Tundramunkie said...


Counting Girl said...

Fabulous post. It is so important to remind yourself of how far you have come!

Chantel said...

You guys are so great!! ^.^

Tamara said...

This is an awesome post Chantel. Bravo!

Pauline's Weight Loss Journey said...

Thanks for giving me some inspiration.

The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

you are the shiz my friend...i love you "all the way above God's head" as my kiddo would say.

Brenlin said...

Great post, Chantel. And yes, it does seem like the pounds start to hang on a little harder. But we'll get them! Keep on keeping on...you're doing excellent. And I agree with the others, you are such an inspiration!!

Amber said...

Man, I'm just sobbing right now. I am so proud of you. So inspired by you. I love you, my dear!

Amber said...

By the way! I want to see some of those gorgeous pics I took of you on here sometime!!! ;)