Long time, no blog!

Gooooooooood Afternoon Sportsfans!! It's a beautiful day here in Sunny Whitehorse, and I have no idea why you're reading my blog! Go away! I hate sports!!

As for the rest of you, hello to you too! I've missed you all, but that's not your fault... I just haven't been in much of a blogging mood.

Or a points tracking mood.

Or a portion controlling mood.

Or a getting off my duff mood.

Really, I've just been in the mood to sit around and play Playfish games and munch... By the way, I highly recommend facebook games by Playfish. They're very addictive, and adorable. My faves are Restaurant City, and Country Story (Which I enjoy way more than Farmville), but I've also recently started playing Crazy Planet.... JOIN ME MY FOLLOWERS!!!


Anywho, I took a vacation from weightwatchers, while I was on vacation with my friend Amber, which I have no problem with. The issue I had was that my food vacation didn't stop when my vacation-vacation ended. I didn't feel like counting points, or eating right. I was having too much fun just not caring what went into my mouth and then staged a sit-in on my thighs and belly.

I feel like, every time I take a 'break' from weight-watchers, from tracking what I eat, it gets harder and harder to get myself back on. It's too easy to put all my hard work aside, and cram my face with as much bread, cheese, cheese, cheese, chocolate, cookies, butter, cheese, pasta (eating an apple atm, so I'm okay to write about all this yummy food) as my stomach can hold, and more. And then it's a wee bit depressing to have to think about cutting back, doing all that extra work...

So Monday, I decided that it was time to stop the madness, and get myself back on plan. And it's hard. It's not habit anymore! I've forgotten the meaning of the term self-control! Pie? Yes, please! Pizza? Mmmm...

So yesterday, I did some un-tracked eating. I was baby-sitting, and supper was pizza, and I ended up eating 5 whole slices. Granted, they were small slices (pretty reasonable, points-wise), but I meant to stop at 3, then at 4, but they just tasted too good. And my blood sugar had been wonky that day. And I was feeling like my excuse quota just hadn't been met for the week!!

Did I want to track them? No.

Did I go home and track them anyway?

Heh, no.

But today, I was reading the "Accountable Cuisine" thread on the 200+ board, and I thought:

"Chantel, you are stronger than this. You can do this! You've done it in the past, and you're going to keep losing weight, and you're going to get healthy, darnit! You are not going to let yourself be controlled by FOOD! You are in charge!"

So I tracked every bite of yesterday's food. And I'm tracking today's food. And I will keep tracking my points, because this is life or death, folks. I'm nearing the 9 month mark - I can't quit now!

So onwards and downwards!!


Pandrea said...

Yay, you're back!

I feel that I should scold you for being a naughty dieter, but that would be silly because you're a far more disciplined person than I could ever be.

I actually put myself on a diet a couple weeks ago. It's pretty simple: NO POTATO CHIPS. Of all the things I eat, potato chips are probably the worst for me, so I'm going to magically lose 20 pounds by not eating potato chips every single day. Although I've also been trying to eat more "real food" (ie peanut butter, stew, veggies and dip, etc.) to fill the potato chip void. I think I've lost about zero pounds so far.

But yeah, I hope you keep blogging semi-regularly, because I miss you when you're gone, and I worry that you got run over by a bus or something.


Chantel said...

Firstly, Awwwwwwww...

Secondly, CUTE!!!

Thirdly, hey, congrats on cutting out potato chips and eating more real food! I'm impressed!!

I'm planning on blogging more frequently again. Usually if I'm not blogging, it means I'm not tracking my points, and I've gotten lazy :p

Kimberley said...

Isn't it funny when we think we aren't doing well that we hide from our blogs.

I have had a couple of blogs before the one I have now and each time I felt like I "failed" I would delete it.

Not anymore, I am going to keep on blogging through the good, the bad and the ugly and I hope you do too Chantel.

Don't ever give up! You are so worth it.

Tamara said...

Remember that the old habits are ingrained. We all have way more years of eating whatever the hell we pleased than we do of healthy eating. Cripes, I'd have to embrace a healthy eating lifestyle and live until I was 70 years old before I had as many "healthy" eating years on my body clock as free for all eating years. Those are some really really hard habits to break and that's why even though you were on track for 9 months, it was relatively easy to fall back into the old patterns. It's perfectly understandable!

But you will do it Chantel! A few good days under your belt and you will be right back at it.

WTG for tracking!