Was that me?!

Tonight, Chris and I went out for supper... We went to one of our favorite restaurants, called the Klondike Rib & Salmon, which is only open Mother's Day to Mid-September. We usually go a couple of times per summer, and this year was certainly no exception. The food there is delicious, and the prices are reasonable (but def. not cheap). The food is plentiful, and the service is very friendly.

Once upon a time, I would go there, and eat the full rack of ribs, and a complete (huge) dessert, all by myself. And then I'd be totally ready to eat more. I had never HEARD of packing up my leftovers!! Sure, I'd be full... But not full ENOUGH! I would feel pukey-stuffed, but it still just wasn't enough food.

Today, I had their orange-glazed wild salmon. Instead of a huge plate of fries, I ordered the much more reasonable polenta. And what was the first thing I ate? The veggies!

The serving of salmon was about 8 ounces, so a nice big serving, and about half of that came home with me, along with half the polenta!

And then came dessert... We hadn't eaten dessert there this summer yet, and they make the most luscious, moist, yummy bread pudding, with a whisky caramel sauce. For both of us, this is our very favorite item on the menu. We've ordered this to go, even, when we just needed something delicious to sit and eat at home. Today, Chris and I split the bread pudding, and when he offered me part of his piece, I was very happy to turn him down.

I left feeling satisfied. I wasn't full, not even a little, but I certainly wasn't going to be hungry again tonight. I have breakfast in the fridge for tomorrow.

It's amazing how far you come when you're consistently watching what you eat for nearly 9 months. You get used to healthy portion sizes, and not stuffing yourself all the time, and the knowledge that hunger is simply a feeling, and not an emergency. You learn that recipes usually call for too much oil, and that low-fat options are often not bad substitutes, but honestly, if you're eating right, you don't need to use them.

It's daunting, when I think of how far I have yet to go, but I see these little (BIG) changes in myself, and I know that I'm going to make it!


Tamara said...

That sounds like the perfect way to handle a restaurant meal... enjoy it, don't over-eat and best part, have some more the next day!

WTG Chantel. You will make it, you totally know what you're doing.

Tamara said...

PS love this sentence: "hunger is just a feeling, not an emergency"

SO true!

Sephgirl said...

Really nice to read your post Chantel! That's the experience I had yesterday when out for anniversary dinner with DH.

That is freedom really. The evening was enjoyable without feeling sickly stuffed!

Great NSV! Great progress! Way to go! :)