Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?!

Man, I've become a blog slouch! I used to post, and post, and now? You never see me unless I'm complaining!!

But guess what...

I'm here to post because things are going well!

As you can see in the above picture, we've recently adopted a very cute, very feisty kitten from our local animal shelter, to hopefully be a friend for our current cat, Atreides. So far, I've got quite a few little scratches (not malicious, just getting climbed on), and Buggalo (the kitten) is a bit scared of Atreides, who is, really, just curious about her. We've only had Buggalo since friday afternoon, though, so we're giving her lots of time to adjust.

I had a great NSV this weekend!!

I have a great hairdresser, and I've always been able to fit into the chairs where they cut your hair, but I wasn't able to fit into the chairs in the waiting room... And this time, I went in for my appointment, and because my hairdresser was running a bit behind, I had to wait, and I was able to sit in their waiting room chairs! Relatively comfortably!!

And then while I was getting my hair cut, my hairdresser commented how great it was that I was able to fit into those chairs now, so that if she was behind, I didn't have to stand around, or go for a walk outside. I didn't realize that she had noticed, but it was actually really nice to be cheered on by someone I really don't see that frequently.

Cut to Sunday, and we were helping my cousin celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and so we were at my parents house. There were a lot of family over, and seating was fairly tight, and it used to be that that made me really uncomfortable, because I couldn't move around as much as I needed, to keep my circulation going... And this time, I was comfortable the entire dinner!

I love, love, love losing weight and getting healthy!! Aren't we lucky that we have the chance to do this?!


Abbey Shaw said...

you are so positive today, I love it!
Your kitten is positively precious, I hope you know that!! AH!

Sephgirl said...

Great post! Love your new kitten - absolutely lovely! And great photo too!

Kate said...

A late Shana Tovah to you!