So, I just told off someone I've known for a long time, and then unfriended them on facebook.

Do I feel badly about it?


This person... He used me as an emotional crutch. He would come around only when he was feeling crappy, and would get mad if I said ANYthing about myself because he was busy telling me what a wreck he was.

He would never be happy when he talked with me, unless he was drunk.

Why did I put up with him for so long?

God, I don't know.

But I'm done putting up with his melodrama, and his wallowing. He needs to get help, and I told him such (in a nice way! I promise!)

(And then maybe in a not-so-nice way when he went off on me for suggesting that he might want to talk to someone...)

Anywho, I just needed to put this out there. I feel really strong right now.


Visichy said...

Sounds like a healthy move to me! Good job :)

Sephgirl said...

I agree - great move! No room for toxic relationships in your life! :)

Les said...

Good riddance! I am all about friendship divorcing the negative influences in my life! I friendship divorced a few people when I started WW and believe me, it is so much better only having positive and mentally healthy people around me!!