Blogging is HARD! *Whine Whine*

I know that I haven't blogged in a while, but I feel like I've just had nothing to blog ABOUT! My life has been pretty steady lately...

Thanksgiving really threw me for a loop, especially as I was in a lot of pain for the weekend, and into the week. I've now got a prescription for Percocet for the pain... It doesn't really make the pain much better, but I'm too darn tired to care!

I've been working on my beadwork for the Spruce Bog (November 21st) and the Cranberry Fair (November 29th). Previous years, I've been working up to about 3am of the morning of the show, getting only a couple of hours of sleep before a very, VERY busy day of selling and schmoozing and setting up and taking down... This year, my goal is to be done the 'making' portion of the sale a week before the actual sale, so I can get all the other parts done early too, and get a good sleep the night before.

Weight loss wise... Well, I gained a couple of pounds on my last Weigh-In, because I didn't track at all from Thanksgiving Monday to the Thursday after. I was simply in too much pain to care, and I'm okay with that. I know why it happened, and I'm compassionate with myself. I'm back on plan now, though, and it feels GREAT! I'm also trying to up my water intake again, because I feel like I just haven't been drinking enough. It's so, SO dry up here in the wintertime, and I need to take that into account, and guzzle back the water!!

The days are getting shorter up here, and I can really feel that affecting my energy level. I'm not getting depressed, fortunately, but I'll definitely be monitoring myself more actively... I got so much sun in the summertime, and it felt SO good... On the weekends, we'll be trying to get out and get some sunshine, but on weekdays, when it's dark when you leave for work, and dark when you go home, it's hard to find the time to get your vitamin D...

This past weekend I made myself really proud... DH and I decided to go for a walk, so we went to the airport, where there's a lovely walking trail around the large airstrip, which is connected to downtown by a set of stairs called the "Black Street Stairs"...

(Note: That isn't my picture... I'm going to change it when I have the chance. And there wasn't snow on the ground when I went...)

213 steps, not including the landings. I stood at the top of it and thought, "I can either do this the quick and hard way, or I can keep walking around the airport for the long, easy way... Which would I be more proud of myself for?"

So I did the stairs!

(Note: According to the Tourism Canada site, they're called the Puckett’s Gulch Staircase...?! I've never heard that before!)

Next time, I'm bringing water!!

I hope everyone out there in blog land is doing really well!!

(Only 8.3 lbs more until I get my 100 lbs, and my new iPod!!)


Pandrea said...

Pain? What happened? Should I be (more) concerned?

Also, if you enjoy sunlight that much, you should get one of those UV lamps so you can sit in the "sun" and read a book. If it's more the activity in the sunlight that you crave, then a lamp might not help as much.

Tundramunkie said...

I have a hard time drinking water on colder days. Tea is ok, but doesn't give me that quench like water since my teas are usually caffeinated.

Tundramunkie said...

And p.s. I have blogging dry spells, too! no worries!

Kathryn said...

Holy cow! I'm proud of you for doing all those stairs. I know I couldn't!