Ponderings on the Flu

It's amazing how good an excuse the Flu is to lay in bed all day. Of course, when you have the flu, you'd rather be doing anything else, but you just... can't... work... up... *yaaaaaaaawn* the energy.

Red Nyquil is much nicer tasting than Green Nyquil. I'm not entirely sure about the 'improved flavour' of the Red Nyquil though... I rather think that they slap that label on there and hope that people will be dazzled by it, and not actually realize that the flavour is exactly the same.

A 1.5 litre bottle of water keeps you hydrated, and saves you many draining trips to get water refills.

Worried relatives call when you're napping/passed out.

You will rarely feel sillier than you do when forced to wear a 'pandemic-containing' mask in public, even if it's just at a flu clinic. However, it makes for great bonding with the other 'pandemic-containing' mask-wearing patients.

Not eating all day, and then overeating when you're finally hungry, does not make you feel any better.

It's amazing how many ways you can lay on the same bed!!

The same blanket will go from not nearly enough warmth, to boiling you alive, in about 30 seconds. And then back again.

Staying home from work gives you a lot of time to ponder all the silly nuances of being sick with the flu...


Tamara said...

ugh! I remember the blanket thing from when I had pneumonia. That was fun.

Hope you're feeling better soon! The flu may have robbed you of your energy but thankfully not your sense of humour. :)

Katie said...

Feel Better Chantel! It's no fun being sick and even worse when you can't get warm/can't get cooled off.