Pre-Halloween Scary Story

Right now, as I write this...

There is an unspeakable horror lurking in my fridge.

It is the stuff of my nightmares, and the thought of it fills me with terror...

Is it leftovers, back from the grave?!

No... It's.............



Yeah, yeah, I know... A little bit melodramatic, are we? But this is my first time cooking tofu, and I'm incredibly nervous. The only other experience I've had with tofu was a bad one, eating unseasoned grilled tofu as a child at a friend's house. (Believe me, I didn't go back to that house for a meal!!) And it's taken me about 15 years to get over the slight nausea I feel at the thought of tofu, enough to let it in my house.

I'd like to eat more 'meat-free' meals, but with DH trying to get toned, and add a little more muscle, making sure he gets lots of protein is important...

Plus, I wanted to try something adventurous!!

So right now, in my fridge, there is half a block of extra-firm tofu, cut into strips (looks like chicken, which kind of disturbs me...) and marinating in a mixture of soy sauce, brown sugar, fresh ginger, garlic, and a little big of sweet chili sauce... It smells like ginger beef, which is one of our favorite take-out foods, so that bodes well for us actually eating it...

There will be blogging tomorrow about the results, and hopefully (if I remember) some pictures!!

Alright, we need to move on now... There are some kids here saying they had this spot booked for some kind of... Blair Witch Project?!

Whatever... :p

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Tamara said...

That tofu marinade sounds delicious. If you sear that on medium to medium high heat (depending on your stove) it will get a little bit of a crispy outside and a nice texture. The mistake people often make with tofu is not cooking it properly and it stay limp and mushy. (Which I love because I love tofu but it is an acquired taste). Another tip is this: when you get it home from the store, squeeze out the water as best you can without breaking the tofu using a few layers of paper towel. Then slice it into the shapes you want: cubes, squares, triangles, whatever, lay it out on a cookie sheet and freeze it. Thaw it and dry it off before marinating, cooking, whatever. It will have a denser, chewier texture this way that some people really like.

Here's my email: tamaramble@kmts.ca. If you want to do a little more with tofu, email me. I have a few standby recipes that I think anyone would like.

Good Luck!