Tofu?! Am I going to turn into some kind of hippy...?!

The Ingredients for STIR-FRY A LA SCARY TOFU!! Note the Tofu on the bottom left, marinating its way to its DOOM!

The Tofu, sautéing in some oil... I seem to remember cringing a lot at this stage...

After turning the tofu. My fears were somewhat lessened, after seeing the lovely golden colour they'd taken on... They were a PAIN to turn though, as they were a bit squishy, and seemed to have a mind of their own.

With some frozen veggies. I pre-steamed these in a microwave steamer bag, so as to not add frozen veggies to a hot, oily pan.

I LOVE bean sprouts in stir-fry!!

I removed the stir-fry from the pan, and sautéed the Udon noodles for a little while until they were hot through. Udon noodles are delicious, and you get a LOT of them, for a little bit of points.

Stir-fry a la SCARY TOFU!!! On a plate, as you can see... Not many more steps between that and in my mouth..

A close-up shot... I really do like all those colours together! I still think that the tofu looks disturbingly like chicken breast strips though...

So, I ate tofu. I did it...

Honestly, I thought it was GREAT!! I loved the flavor, and the texture... DH wasn't such a big fan, but I think that part of that was that, if he's determined not to like something, he won't like it no matter HOW good it is!

The tofu took the flavor really, really well, and after that supper, I was full ALL night!

Now to decide what to do with the other half-block of tofu in my fridge... MWAHAHAAAHAHAAHAAA!!



H-woman said...

I'd chop it into cubes and use it as the 'chicken' in chicken noodle soup.

If it's small enough, it'll be like the tiny bits of chicken in the canned soup. And if you use a good, flavourful chicken broth, the tofu'll soak up all the chicken flavour.

H =)

p.s. And tofu alone will not a hippie make. You definitely also need Birkenstocks.

misssarahlou said...

WTG on trying something new, I am still yet to try tofu, cant quite get my head around it. I like the idea of marinating it first though. Glad you liked it and I will look forward to some more recipes from you - maybe someday soon I will be convinced to give it a try :o)

Shhh said...

Try slicing that tofu, frying it, then making a sandwich with it! Load up with lettuce, sprouts, tomato, avocado, whatever... So good!

cdblueberry said...

Marinating and then baking in the oven is delicious too!

Now I have, "For Goodness sake, I've got the Hippy Hippy shake!" stuck in my head.

Sephgirl said...

Looks fantastic - I also agree the marinating must have made it. I've tried tofu before without the best results but didn't marinate.

Good for you for trying something new. :)

The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

wow...yummy...and you didnt invite me! WTH? lol

vancityrockgirl said...

tofu is delicious. don't be afraid! it's basically a "blank protein" that will take on whatever flavour you tell it to.
i like making jerky out of it... thin slices marinated in bragg's or soy sauce and then baked in the oven. sprinkle with nutritional yeast if you can find it in a health food store.

also, i'd suggest cutting it into smaller pieces for future use. the smaller you cut it, the more surface area it has to soak up the other flavours around it.