Who are you, and what have you done with Chantel?!

Yesterday, I bought new walking/hiking shoes.

Well, when you buy new shoes, you really do need to break them in, yes?

I suppose I could have just gone for a stroll, meandered around, but we had just bought a book about hiking and biking in the Whitehorse area, and I SO wanted to try one of the trails, so I picked the first one in the book.

Easy, it said.

Perfect, I thought!

1 1/2 hours of real HIKING later, including at least 10 minutes of breathless up-up-up hill climbing, we got back to the car, and I realized... I just did that! That was me, hiking, climbing, enjoying herself!

That was ME, earning 14 activity points in one day!

The old me would have stopped at the first hill, even when I was previously 360 lbs. The old me would have said, "no way! Too hard! Not worth it! I can't do it! It'll hurt! I'll be humiliated!"

It's amazing, how much healthier I am now than I really have ever been before. I may still be VERY heavy, but I haven't been this active since I was a kid!

Was it hard? Yes. My ankles were sore, and my hip joints were sore, and my knees said, "what're you doing?!"

Was it worth it? YES!!! It was SO much fun!! I hope we get the chance to do more hiking before it gets too cold!

I'm so grateful to my wonderful husband for being so patient with me... He's so active, and I've been such a bump on a log... Though I think he's now reaping the rewards of his patience!!


Chris said...

Yes, my patience has been rewarded. But you say that like as if you never acted like that before. When we first met we'd walk everywhere (like we had a choice, lol). I know you like the outdoors as much as I do, we would have just had to drive there before. There has always been a spark of adventure in your eyes, which is why I find you soo attractive. Well, hugs 'n kisses.

- Chris

Les said...

That is fantastic!! Congrats on the hike! And your new shoes are super cute too!

what-e-ver said...

That's wonderful! You got to enjoy the outdoors and to prove to yourself that you can do more things than before. That's a great NSV. Keep it up!

Tundramunkie said...


And it's pretty sweet that your DH comes and posts on your blog.

*le sigh*

hahaha :o)

Sephgirl said...

What an adventure! Good for you Chantel! You are changing your life and living the life you deserve! Way to go!

Seems you have a wonderful DH to share that life with. Very nice! :)

The Incredible Shrinking Tushie said...

you are so awesome! But next time you go hiking..call me...the kid and the dog and I would love to go with!

Abbey Shaw said...


Amber said...

Have I told you lately that you're fucking awesome!!!??

(yes, its me, you're potty mouthed friend from the coast).

Tamara said...

That hike sounds amazing. Way to go Chantel! And it sounds like you're in good company too!

Love the shoes.

Stephenie Victoria said...

WTG Girl that is amazing!
Feel proud! And yes, your shoes are super cute! :D

(found you by clicking) ;)