No iPod yet...

I am not a very patient person... I'd like to pretend that I could someday be, but I'm not. When there's something I want, that I'm going to be getting, I want it NOW!!

My iPod was, according to UPS, supposed to get here today. There is no iPod here... I don't even have a slip telling me where to pick it up! :(

I hope that soon, I'll have a picture of me, holding an iPod, so I can show off my reward for losing all this weight, and also the iPod!!

How many times do I think I checked the parcel tracking today?

More times than I could count on BOTH hands!!


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Booo UPS! Hope it shows up soon. :)

Abbey Shaw said...

you are possibly the cutest.