Not weight-loss related... Well, sort-of...

Today, I'm speaking at a workshop for crafters who are looking at beginning to sell their crafts. I'm guessing you all know, but if you don't, I'm an avid beadworker. I've been selling my goods for a few years, but I've also taught classes, and worked in a bead store.

I'm really excited to have been asked to do this!

And the best part...?

I know how much easier this will be this year, than it would have been last year. Firstly, I feel a LOT less insecure this year than I did last year, but also... I don't have to worry so much about fitting into chairs with arms. I can stand up and talk, and not run out of breath. I'm less concerned that people are looking at my fat and not listening to what I have to say.

I'm actually really excited about this, and not worried! I know my subject matter, and I'm a really good speaker when I'm talking about things I'm passionate about. Plus, what they want to know about is my experiences, and really, that's a subject matter I know pretty thoroughly!


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Exciting! Have fun :D

Sephgirl said...

So exciting you got asked! Glad you can see how your weight-loss is going to make even this even easier. Enjoy yourself! Sounds like a great time! :)