Dear Chris - Happy 4 years!

Dear Chris:

Is it 4 years already? It's so hard to believe that we're still so young, and yet we've been together for such a large percentage of our lives so far... And you know what?

I wouldn't have it any other way.

It is my honour to be your wife... To share in your joys and your frustrations. To be there when you have triumphs, and to lift you back up when the outside world disappoints.

Marriage hasn't always been easy so far - You've gone through so much with me. You've been my pillar and my comforter through some very deep depression, and you continued to be my wonderful husband when the only way I could feel relief was to eat my way out of the dark hole in my mind. You've stood with me when I couldn't keep up my end of the deal, to be your support... When I couldn't show you how much I loved you, or how hard I was trying to get better...

And here we are, at the 4 year mark. I'm a recovering Binge eater, my depression is under control, and I'm getting healthier every day... And I know, because you make sure I know, how thrilled you are that I'm bringing my life so far forward. I couldn't do this without you...

All I want in this world is to fall asleep next to you every night, and wake up next to you every morning, and rest my head on your shoulder while we watch movies, and laugh in the kitchen as we get covered in flour from baking, and grumble with you about stressful work days, and drive around the Country with you, and go for coffee with you, and listen to you talk...

I'm so, so lucky to be your wife. I know that God was smiling the day he introduced us (Through Amy... Mysterious ways, eh?). I know I wasn't what you were expecting, or even anything you'd ever thought of, but I'm so glad you decided to let yourself see where this went, because I know that I'm now able to better be the wife you deserve.

I love you, Chris, and I always will.

Thank you so much for choosing me.



E and H said...

Check us out. Get involved in something fun.

Tundramunkie said...

This made me all warma nd fuzzy inside. And just a little guilty, since I felt like I was reading a love note meant just for him.

So sweet.

Isn't marriage great when you get to hang out with your best friend all day?

gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Happy 4 Years!!!

Brenlin said...

Awwww...ain't love grand?? Such a great post for your DH.

Congrats on your 4 years together. Here's to many more!