Laying down the law.

This isn't a post about weight loss.

This is a post about something MUCH more serious...

Wrapping paper.

This time of year, wrapping paper is everywhere. On my table, in bags, in scraps on the floor, wrapped around gifts... And there are a few things that drive me a little crazy.

I'm not aiming this at anyone in particular *ahem*, but I'm laying down a few ground rules. If these rules are not followed, much nagging will ensue, and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT! *grump grump grump*

Rule #1 -

Use a knife to cut the wrapping paper, not scissors! Cutting wrapping paper with scissors leave it all jagged and sad looking... Noone wants to see that on their present OR on the roll!! Fold the wrapping paper to the length you want it, and then use a sharp knife to cut along the fold. It's quicker, neater, and DOESN'T MAKE ME CRAZY!


Rule #2 -

Don't cut chunks out of the wrapping paper, leaving the rest of that section still attached. Cut off the entire width of the paper, and then fold the detached piece, and cut that down to size, using the technique explained in rule #1. Any remainders can be rolled around the roll of wrapping paper. Really, this is just being courteous: what if the next person needs the entire width of the wrapping paper to go around their present, and you've cut (with scissors, of course) a chunk of paper 1/3 of the width? Then I, erm, that person would have to cut all THAT off first, before they could even start on their gift! Tsk tsk!

Rule #3 -

Yes, I know that paper flapping in the wind is annoying, but please, DON'T tape the roll shut! You've just wasted a bunch of paper, because as soon as you take the tape off, the top layer of paper is coming with it. If you need to, find a ribbon and tie around the roll, or an elastic band...

See? Only 3 (three) very SIMPLE, very intuitive rules. This isn't rocket science, folks! (And you know who you are!) I'm not such a bad person!




Abbey Shaw said...

*giggle* I love you.

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I've read in a long time!

I am guilty of all those things. Don't let me wrap anything when I come to visit!


cdblueberry said...

Whew, I'm glad I don't wrap anything anymore.

<--would be whipped at your house, although..... :P