Post #200!!

There is nothing quite as nice as when your fingers smell of pungeant garlic, and the piney resin of rosemary... It's such a comforting, homey smell.

It's strange to think that a lot of people think that being on a 'diet' means being deprived. Certainly, there are a lot of things that get cut out of one's lifestyle choices, but somehow, I just can't bring myself to feel 'deprived' when I'm eating homemade pasta with roasted veggies and asiago cheese. It's delicious, and filling, and makes you feel healthy and happy.

Food can be such a force for good, when you develop a healthy working relationship... It can nourish your body and your spirit and your relationships. It can bring people closer together, and create a space of peace and tranquility in the middle of hectic lives.

I started this blog because I love food, and I love cooking. Now, 100 lbs later, I still love food, and I still love cooking. Tonight's supper reminded me of that, once again.

(Oh, and by the way... I got the iPod on tuesday, and it was worth the wait!!)


Syl said...

I've loved everyone of you posts Chantel, so glad you got your ipod!

H-woman said...

Your dinner sounds yummy! Fresh herbs make the difference, I think.

Yaaaay on finally getting the iPod and congrats on 200!

H =)

Michelle said...

You must be so proud of yourself! Very impressive and inspiring!

gettingandstayinghealthy said...

YAY for the iPod!!

I totally hear ya about not feeling deprived. I tell people all the time that I have just found a whole new genre of foods that I love. And lo and behold they are NOT covered and smothered, LOL.