Whoa! I got an award!!!


These are the rules:

- Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the award on to five most deserving bloggers.

-Each Superior Scribbler must line to the author and the name of the blog from whom s/he has received the award.

-Each Superior Scribbler must display on his/her blog, and like to the Scholastic Scribe, which explains the award.

-Each blogger who wins the Superior Scribbler award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. linky list. That way, they'll be able to keep up to date on everyone who receives this prestigious honour.

- Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.

Firstly, I got this award from Sadie, who is such a wonderful, strong, fantastic, funny, cute woman. It's a huge honour to get an award from her!!

And, in no particular order, my five awardees!!

1) Annika, or TundraMunkie, who lives even FURTHER north than me! She is hilarious, although maybe that's caused by living in the North? (heehee) PLUS She was an Olympic torch bearer, which is the COOLEST thing ever!

(I need NEED to find a better way to EMPHASIZE things than by CAPITALIZING them!)

2) Syl, who has probably received this award dozens of times so far! Her blog is so inspiring to read, and she is SO upbeat! Plus, she's probably my most frequent commenter, which I adore. :D

3) Amy, who looks AMAZING! (see what I mean about the capitalization?! Any suggestions?!) You should check out her before picture, and the pictures of her now. Holy Hottie, Batman!!

4) CDBlueberry, who is a fellow member of the 200+ board. Other than just the whole 'stalking each other across the country' thing, I also feel like she knows what I've had to go through, fighting with the extra 2 of me that I've had to carry around. She's doing amazingly well, but I know that when you get this big, every day can be a big struggle. (Check her out, peeps!)

And finally, since I'm only supposed to pick 5...

5) Sephgirl, who is SUCH an inspiration!! She has worked SO hard, and you can really see the results!!

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